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My name is Nils and I am 19 years old. Once I was sitting in my garden drinking a nice cocktail, when suddenly the girl, whom I had been interested in for a while, passed by. She saw me and asked if she could sit with me for a while. I thought it was fine, maybe I could find out if she was also interested in me.

She wore a white sweater that shone through. So I actually could see her hard nipples. I got an erection. I don’t know if she saw that, but it looked like she was comfortable. I offered her a cocktail which she naturally declined.

She asked if I was home alone. I said I was and that my parents wouldn’t be home until very late tonight. I started hoping for what I was thinking. She was hot and asked if she could take off her sweater. I had no objection to that. So there she was in her pretty pink bra. She asked if we could go in because it is a lot cooler there. Inside she asked if she could see my room.

I told here I had to go to the bathroom, but she could already go ahead to my room. When I got back she was sitting on the bed, with only her thong and bra on. I wanted to ask if she was still warm, but before I could say anything she asked me to come and sit next to her. When I did she got down on her knees and started to undo my pants.

She saw my dick and started sucking me right away. I loved that so much that I stretched out on my bed. After a while I came in her mouth. She was completely covered but she licked it off. I took off her bra and thong and put her on the bed. I lay down and started to lick her juicy wet pussy. She climaxed quickly.

I then spread her legs and put my dick in between. I felt her tits and felt her nipples were hard. When I was about to cum I pulled my dick out and sprayed it on her beautiful tits. I started rubbing my cum all over her and she tried to lick some up herself.

Then we did an unprecedented position. I fingered her and she pulled me while licking her breasts. We did this several times over and we went on happily ever after.