With friends on the beach

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It was a lovely warm day and we had a nice holiday. We were both very horny all day long and hoped for a horny night. A friend called to ask if we would like to go to the beach for an evening walk with him and his girlfriend. We did this before and we always had the greatest fun with the four of us, so why not.

Dennis and Janine were going to pick us up, so we postponed the fuck we had in store for a while. Once in the car, Janine sat in the back with me and Jax went in the front with Dennis. Janine and I had a nice chat and when I told them that I had been looking forward to Jax all day, she said that she herself was very horny all day. We decided together to seduce the men on the beach, but then it had to be somewhere in quiet corner, because we were a bit afraid of being caught.

When we arrived at the beach it turned out to be a lot quieter than we expected, there was a group of young people chatting, but they left after just a few minutes. We had brought a large plaid for us to sit on with the four of us.

I started flirting a bit at Jax, but he kept the boat off a bit, he didn’t really liked it in front of our friends. Janine realized this and suddenly thought of another blanket that was still in the car. It was quickly picked up from the car and we walked into the dunes. Two by two we then continued, I could see Janine and Dennis in the corner of my eye and they were already quite busy and that made me even more horny than I already was.

I quickly untied Jax’ pants and ran my hands over his penis. By the way, it was pretty hard and that made me move on. I took off my blouse and lay down next to him. He had such a beautiful view over my big tits and my nipples got harder and harder. He started to suck on it while I worked his cock with my hands. But I wanted more I already felt myself getting pretty wet and enjoyed it intensely.

I pulled my pants down and Jax understood what he had to do. He sat on top of me with his dick above my mouth. I took it nice and deep in my mouth and felt that he was playing with my clit. He sucked on my clit and put two fingers in it and that was such a wonderful feeling that I completely relaxed and enjoyed his delicious tongue.

In the meantime I was sucking on his lollipop like a small child and noticed that it became more sensitive. When I pushed it away from me I heard a loud groaning from afar, Janine and Dennis must be having some fun.

I rolled Jax on his back and sat on top of him and felt his thick swollen cock disappear completely in my wonderfully wet pussy. He moved with his hips and I felt that I was almost cumming. He did too, because his breathing became deeper and deeper and I just felt the seed come up. He massaged my nipples and then we both finished together with a great scream.

I saw a few people coming up in the distance and heard them laughing. These were of course our friends who had seen the spectacle from afar. It turned out that they had finished a little earlier than us and had been watching us enjoying ourself. We had not seen or heard anything around us. We put on our clothes and folded up the plaid. maybe next time we could do a foursome.