What a family

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My name is Albert and I am 22 years old. I am the youngest son of a family of 6 children. My eldest brother is Harry, 33 years old and married to Claudia for 35 years.

On a Saturday night, I didn’t feel like going out so I went to pay my brother and sister-in-law a visit. I rang the bell and Claudia answered the door. Can I come in and have a beer? I asked. Yes of course come in. We walked into the room, there I saw Harry and another couple, Claudia’s sister (Ria) about 39/40 years old and her husband (Simon) about 42 years old. I shook hands with everyone and sat down next to Ria. We chatted about anything and everything.

I regularly felt Ria’s knee rubbing against my legs. But that didn’t shock me because I didn’t think anything of it in all my innocence. After two beers I had to pee, so I got up and left the room. After I opened the door with relief, there was Ria who pushed me back into the toilet. She put her arms around my neck and started kissing me wildly. That kiss drove me crazy. Immediately I had a stiff dick.

So Albert, said Ria I have wanted this for so long and so badly! We have to be careful, your husband is in the room and so is my family. Simon doesn’t care and my sister isn’t averse to it either. What do you mean? Well, Claudia also loves you. Oh, Ria, stop it. Tonight I will prove to you that I’m telling the truth, Ria said. Come on, I said, I’ll go back to the room first.

I opened the door and pushed her back out. After a deep breath, I walked back to the room. I found this very weird, making love with a woman of which the man is ten feet away and it’s also my sister-in-law’s sister. The idea alone made me sweat. Back in the room Claudia said; Albert, you see quite red. Are you alright? Or did you see a ghosts perhaps? No, I said. I’m just very hot. Would you like another beer? That would be nice, Claudia, I said.

Claudia went to the kitchen but was away for a long time. In the distance I heard the two women laugh. Ria came into the room and sat down next to me again. And Claudia gave me my beer. Can I have another glass of wine, Ria asked. And Claudia immediately disappeared back into the kitchen. Two seconds later she asked if a strong men could help her open the bottle of wine. You go, said Ria to me. Okay, no problem, and I walked to the kitchen.

Claudia stood helpless in the kitchen with the bottle of wine in her hand. I’ll give it a go, I said. I took the bottle from her and turned to the counter to support the bottle. Then I felt her hands wrap around my waist. And her hands slowly moved towards my crotch. Didn’t you want to believe I’m crazy about you too, Albert? I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say, I was stumbling like a small child. You like me to feel you this way? You have a wonderful boner. Claudia stop, soon someone will come in and then there is real trouble.

She stood in front of me and put her arms around my neck and said, Harry is not coming, he is so lazy, he only gets up to take a piss. With those words she sucked on my lips. Her tongue was racing in my mouth like crazy. Of course I could not hold back and answer this wonderful wild kiss. I felt her hand run over my fly and my dick got harder and bigger. Her hand? Wait, I still felt two hands on my neck. It was Ria who had also come out of the room into the kitchen.

Ria opened my fly and took my dick straight into her mouth. While Claudia kept kissing me wonderfully. I took hold of her tits, they were so big and firm. Do you like them,asked Claudia? Lovely girl, what a perfect body you have. Suddenly Claudia said “stop” this is going too far for now. Albert and Ria, come here tomorrow evening at 8pm, Harry will be gone all night and then we can finish this job. You’ll be here right? Ria asked me. Ria, don’t worry I’m here.

The next evening I went to Claudia. Claudia immediately opened the door with a big swing and immediately hugged me in the hallway. Boy how have I been looking forward to this. And immediately our mouths and tongues were engaged in a fierce fight again. We kept kissing and the saliva was dripping down our mouths. I don’t know how long the bell rang before we noticed, it was Ria. Did I already miss something? She asked. No, I said, I haven’t even made it to the room yet. No, Claudia said, he kisses so well. Oh, yes, said Ria and immediately she started with a wild French kiss. Our tongues went deep.

We went up to the room and I fell on the couch. Ria sat down next to me and Claudia went to make coffee. Ria ran her hand over my crotch and it drove me wild. I put my arm around her and started again with an endless wild French kiss. While Ria kept caressing my crotch. Claudia came back into the room. You like older women, don’t you Albert? How so? I said indignantly. My sister is 41 years old, it could have been your mother. When my mom looks so hot like you I’ll fuck her too. Mmmmmm, thank you said Ria and she had already taken out my dick. She took it in her mouth and began to suck it violently, while Claudia had undressed.

Jesus what a woman an incredibly beautiful body. Nice big, slightly hanging tits and nice and slim. Naked she sat next to me and immediately I took such a delicious tit in my hand and took a nipple in my mouth. Do you like them, Claudia asked. Why have you kept this from me for all these years. She laughed and offered her mouth again. Ria now undresses as well and now it was Claudia’s turn to suck my dick.

Ria had just as beautiful a body. Family huh. Do you like my tits too? she asked. Those are fantastic and I put my head between those two big delicious tits. I am really wet, said Ria. She swung her leg over me and slumped over my dick. Oh god, how nice! she cried out, come on Albert fuck me to heaven, fuck me, fuck me hard and harder and harder. She raged on my dick like a wild beast. Claudia stroked her back and also stroked a tit.

And sister do you like my tits too? Ria asked. Yes girl! And Claudia took a nipple in her mouth. Ria went mad she shocked and screamed. With a loud cry I sprayed my cum into her delicious pussy. Slowly she slid me off and plopped down on the couch next to me, my cum dripping from her cunt. Claudia started licking her sister’s pussy clean. Ria groaned and groaned, what are you doing? You are licking your sister’s pussy? Nice! I said.

I got up because my dick was growing again. I got down on my knees behind Claudia and with one thrust I rammed my dick into her cunt. Oh fuck! That’s so nice, my sweet brother-in-law, fuck me hard! I fucked her wildly and she screamed out. Ria leaned towards Claudia and they started to kiss deeply. That was a beautiful sight. I pulled my dick back and rammed it into her ass. Ouch! She screamed. You dirty pig what are you doing, no one has ever done that to me. I kept on fucking and kneading her delicious tits. And slowly she started to like it more.

Ria had taken care of her clit and was sucking it hard. Claudia screamed. Don’t stop Albert, or I will kill you! Suck harder sister, harder I said! Oh god, I’m cumming! She came in shock. I’ve never been fucked like this before. My god how good that is.

Wait a minute, you’re not there yet, said Ria. She pushed me and I fell backwards to the ground. Immediately she jumped back on top of me and let my dick disappear into her soaking wet cunt. She started to ride softly, she bent over me and our tongues had found each other again. This kiss lasted endlessly, she kisses so good. Her movements got faster, faster and faster until Ria also came in a violent shock. Followed by a load of cum from me.

I too was shocked as if I didn’t control my own body. Panting and puffing, the three of us sat down on the couch. Forget about coffee, this is way better. I totally agree Ria, I said and gave her another long French kiss. Will you ever get enough? She asked. And then I also offered my mouth to Claudia and our tongues were playing again.

Suddenly Claudia stopped and walked over to her sister and kissed her on the mouth. They sucked together like a couple in love. What a horny sight, two women kissing. The whole story started all over again. It was a wonderful evening, that goes without saying. We have experienced many adventures afterwards. Maybe I will tell you those to.