Wet panties

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Hi I have known for a long time that I am a lesbian, and I also have some experience but not so long ago I was completely surprised. A friend of mine, her name is Kim, stayed over for a night. We had already prepared everything. You know an air mattress on the floor, but it turned out we really wouldn’t have needed it. After dinner we went to my room and looked at what we would wear for when we went out.

Kim had taken a skirt and a blouse from my closet and tried them on. I was on the bed when she started to undress and put on the other clothes. She has a very beautiful body, when I saw her like this I already felt it tickling inside me. Now it was my turn and I ducked into the closet and pulled out a leather pants and a T-shirt. I put them on and looked from the corner of my eye at Kim who was looking at me, she complimented me on my appearance.

I said I wanted to take a shower before we went out and she thought that was a good idea. I got the towels, shampoo, and soap ready so Kim could take a shower first. She walked into the bathroom and undressed. When she was in the shower I could not resist and I went to the bathroom door to listen. I only heard the water rattling.

While I was listening I saw that the door was unlocked and opened it very carefully. It was a wonderful sight to see Kim standing in the shower. It got me all wet and turned on. I couldn’t resist and then quickly played with myself. After I had finished, I quickly walked into my room, undressed and put on new clean panties. On top of that my bathrobe, I had finished just in time when Kim walked in, with a towel tied around her body.

Now it was my turn to take a shower, in the shower I became a bit anxious, because I had forgotten to clean up my wet thong. Hopefully Kim wouldn’t notice it. I just took a shower and then dried myself off. I walked back into my room and then I saw Kim smelling my panties mmmmm this looked so good. Kim got a little shy and I pretended I hadn’t seen anything. She was already half dressed and I dressed too. Then we had a drink and went out.

It was really great, we had the time of our lives. Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass, but I didn’t know who owned that hand. Until I saw Kim, she started flirting with me. She went further and further and suddenly I felt her hand on my thigh go higher and higher. I didn’t know what was happening to me. Not long after that we went home.

Before we went to my room, Kim first had to go to the toilet, it took a long time. I don’t know what she’s been up to. She walked in front of me to my room and I could see up her skirt and to my surprise she was not wearing any lingerie. Slowly I let my hand slide between my legs and she looked back. I saw a defiant look in her eyes and we walked on to my room where we started to kiss each other violently.

My hands slid over her ass and I felt her breathing getting faster and faster. I lifted her skirt slightly so that my hands stroked her bare ass. Kim started kissing my neck and at the same time I felt a hand slide over my chest. I pulled her smooth bottom slightly apart so that I could reach her pussy, it was already nice and wet and could slide a finger in it in one go.

She stopped kissing and gave me a mischievous look. She lay on her stomach on the bed, I lay down next to her. I let my hands slide over her body. And started fingering her through the back again. She moaned in pleasure, raising her nice ass slightly so that I could lick her.

When I touched her with my tongue I felt her tremble. She was about to cum and right then I stopped. She made me undress myself. I only had my thong on, she pulled it between my lips and pushed me onto the bed. I felt her tongue pull that string out of me. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm this was delicious, I groaned. We turned around and we lay down in position 69.

That was a wonderful feeling, licking and being licked. It did not take long before Kim’s face was covered with horny pussy juices. Kim now sat up straight and I couldn’t help but lick her. It didn’t take long for Kim to cum. I couldn’t keep up with licking, so quickly Kim’s juices poured down my face.

We slept well that night and the next morning I woke up earlier then Kim who was in bed next to me. I was still so horny. I carefully crawled under the covers and was looking for her pussy. I quickly found her delicious pussy. Because she wasn’t wearing any panties, I started to lick it. It didn’t take long before Kim woke up and was enjoying herself again. She came in shock.

I then took a shower first and then Kim. In the afternoon we had to say goodbye. But we still see each other now and then and it is still so exciting.