Waiting for Sandra

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One evening I had an appointment with a friend of mine Sandra, she was still living at home for 24 years. She was looking for a place to live, but that was not successful. I called at her house because I was going to pick her up and then we would go to the Boulevard, get some air and have a drink.

So I rang the doorbell and her father answered the door. He told me that Sandra would be an hour later because something came up at work but that I could wait inside for her. I got a drink and her father sat across from me and watched the TV, but also saw that he kept looking away and looking at my big tits. I got quite aroused and my clit got wet, I felt that.

He looked at me longer and longer and at one point sat next to me, that’s a bit cozier, isn’t it? He said. After a while, he ran his hand over my leg (I was wearing a short skirt) and ran his hand down the inside of my leg. He said he had always liked me and that he fantasized about me when he was in bed (he was divorced 2 years ago) and that he would jerk off to me.

I honestly admitted that I had fantasized about him too, that he ate me out and fucked me hard. He slid his hand to my pussy, I wasn’t wearing any panties. Oh how naughty you are, what a slut he said. Well my slit got even wetter and he went in with his fingers. Oh how blessed, he pushed my skirt up and I lay down on the couch, he started to spoil my pussy with his tongue. I couldn’t take it much longer, this was so wonderful, I was getting wetter and moaned very hard, which excited him enormously. Go on! I am cumming, and I came screaming.

Sandra’s dad had a huge cock, I took it out of his pants and started jerking him off and a lot. He loved this, then I took his big cock in my mouth, blissful. He had lost it and was moaning and panting faster and faster, and just as he was about to cum, I stopped and sat on top of his pole and rode him like a horse. My big tits dangling back and forth because in the meantime I had taken off my top. My nipples were rock hard, and he was playing with them and cumming in my bald, wet crack.

He kissed my tits and fingered me some more. Soaking wet, you are just dripping deliciously horny slut, he said. And again I came because he could finger so delicious mmm. I took his rod between my tits and told him to fuck me like that, every time he thrusted I licked his cock. He came and filled my mouth and I swallowed it. And now we had to get dressed quickly because Sandra would be home soon.

We cleaned ourselves, kept kissing until the key went in the lock and Sandra came in. Did that old dad of mine entertain you a little bit? She said. I said yes, he was great company. Little did she know.