Unexpected initiation

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One day Jenny came home late from college. It was already dark outside. When she stepped into the living room the light was out. She thought Kelly and Maria were in town. Her fingers searched for the light switch. The moody lamp on the ceiling casted a soft glow across the room. The next moment, Jenny was mesmerized. She couldn’t believe her eyes! Kelly and Maria didn’t go out at all.

Maria was stretched out on her bed, her legs spread wide. Kelly was on her knees in between, her head buried between the other girl’s trembling thighs. Jenny couldn’t avert her eyes. The blood patted her temples. As soon as the light went on, the two fellow students looked up. They made no move to change their shamelessness. “Hello, Jenny, that’s quite unexpected?” Maria smiled. You can see we are at it for a while. We weren’t expecting you home yet.

Don’t look so shocked, honey, we’re not doing anything bad. Only now did she push Kelly away from her. She slid off the bed and approached Jenny with wobbly breasts. “Or would you like to suck my tits too, honey?” Well, I like you, come on! She pushed her bare breasts forward defiantly. Jenny looked in disbelief at the naked big tits of her fellow student. God, that girl had balls. And her thick brown nipples were so stiff! Jenny shook her head defensively. She was not ready to just join the lesbian lovemaking of the two young women. “Come back, Maria,” Kelly ordered from the bed. Let her, we were together.

Maria swayed her hips back to the bed. Jenny saw how lasciviously she turned her firm buttocks around. The two students immediately fell back into each other’s arms and unabashedly continued their erotic adventure. Jenny did not know what to do. She quickly went to the bathroom and took a hot shower. When she got back to the living room, Kelly and Maria were still talking together. Jenny knew nothing better than to crawl into her own bed on the other side of the room. She turned her back to the couple making love and fell asleep.

Jenny woke up with a startle. She looked into the room, Kelly and Maria sat naked on the couch. They had poured something to drink. Jenny pretended not to see them. But then Kelly’s commanding voice came: “Jenny come here, don’t pretend you’re sleeping. We know you’re awake. Well come on!” Jenny obeyed as if she were in a trance and hypnotized by Kelly’s compelling voice. In her thin see-through nightgown that just reached below her nice ass, she walked over to the couch. Kelly and Maria looked eagerly at the beautiful girl’s body. They saw the firm round breasts bounce with every step.

“Come closer!” Kelly ordered. Jenny now stood between the two women. She was shocked when Maria suddenly pulled up her nightdress and took it off over her head. Now she was naked in front of Kelly. “Do you promise to do everything we want?” Kelly asked. Jenny shook her head shyly. She wouldn’t budge. At that moment Kelly nodded her head at Maria. He was stronger and bigger than Jenny. She grabbed the girl from behind and took her in an inescapable embrace. So she led Jenny to the bed in the corner. Even though she struggled, it didn’t help Jenny.

She was tied to the bed with thick white cords. Her hands on the two posts of the headboard. Her legs were pulled wide apart, and Maria tied her feet to the two tubes at the foot end. Now she was completely at the mercy of the two young women. They were now also possible to do what they wanted without her consent. Kelly was close to her. She smiled triumphantly. “Oh, how beautiful you are! Look how your bare tits wobble. Yeah, squeeze that hot ass. I won’t let go! Delightful, what lovely little hair there is on your lovely pussy! Kelly bent over and started caressing the girl’s tight tits. Her nipples got stiff, laughing Kelly squeezed them.

Maria focused on Jenny’s cunt. She parted her stiff lips and brutally put a finger into the slippery crack. With her other hand, Maria felt the slight curvature of Jenny’s stomach. She tickled the navel. Her fingers slid slowly along the rotating hips. “Have you done it with another woman before?” said Kelly. At the same time she pressed a wet kiss on Jenny’s unruly lips. “I’m hot and horny”, laughed Maria. “I just eaten Kelly, but I haven’t gotten to myself yet. You have to do that now!” With those words, Maria crawled onto the bed with Jenny. She knelt aside the bound’s face. Her pussy was only inches away from Jenny’s mouth.

Sighing with excitement, Maria lowered pussy slowly. Kelly held back. Jenny’s head steadfastly. The next moment Maria started rubbing her wet plum brutally over Jenny’s mouth. For the first time in her life the girl tasted the taste of another woman. She gasped. She was dazed that Maria and Kelly could do that and didn’t care. Kelly’s hands slid over Jenny’s breasts. She brought her mouth to it. Her lips closed greedily around the nipples. She began to suck extensively. With her teeth she pulled the brown buttons far out of the halo. Jenny groaned. Maria still ran her slit over Jenny’s mouth. She moved in such a way that her thick clit was massaged wonderfully.

Jenny tasted the horny that the young woman gave off in abundance. She involuntarily licked her lips. She was ashamed that she found this moment very exciting. “Now step aside!” Kelly spoke to Maria a moment later. Jenny looked at her with puzzled eyes. She had a dildo tied around her hips. The member protruded menacingly from her pubic hair. Jenny couldn’t believe her eyes. How big and fat that thing was! “Hurry up, Maria. Kneel on your hands and knees forward between Jenny’s thighs and start sucking her cunt firmly! Then I’ll thump it in your plum from behind. But first Jenny has to suck the rod, so that it gets nice and wet.

While Maria began to lick Jenny’s vulva with a flashing tongue, Kelly pushed the plastic rod between Jenny’s lips, forcing the girl to suck the hard fake cock. Jenny almost choked on it. She was glad when Kelly finally pulled the dildo away. Jenny felt her labia being ripped open. Maria’s tongue slid up and down through her fiery crack. The next moment she touched her stiff clit. Sparks shot through her belly. Oh, she liked that. She started twirling her pelvis and her ass bounced up and down frantically.

Kelly crouched behind Maria’s buttocks and placed the thick rod between Maria’s thighs, right infront her spongy slit. Impulsively, Maria pushed her ass up so that her friend could now easily enter her. The young woman in the middle groaned loudly as the hard rod rippled through her vaginal tube. Her bent body jerked forward. With even more effort she started licking Jenny. She would have liked to grab hold of Maria’s head now, to press her even closer to her lap. But her hands were bound immovably.

Her impotent position miraculously amplified her sensual feelings. It was as if she was enjoying it even more now. She squirmed back and forth lasciviously. Maria lifted her head for a moment and said to Kelly, “Oh girl, you are poking that thing really wild in my pussy! Yes, I am your horny whore!” Then she pressed her mouth back onto Jenny’s sheath. Kelly smiled triumphantly. With every thrust she gave her friend, her breasts rocked back and forth. Her dark teats protruded far from the round nipple spots, as a sign of her lust. She pounded forward and made Maria suck more and more sharply on Jenny’s groove.

The tethered girl began to growl restrained. Her tittler was stimulated so intensely that she was slowly but surely pushed towards the peak. “Go on, Maria!” Kelly encouraged her mistress. She’s starting to cum! “Yes! Go on” Jenny gasped longingly. She wanted to cum now. And she came! Her naked body struggled in all directions. Her tits spun. She pulled hard on the cords. With a flushed head she experienced her first lesbian climax.

Jenny felt very light-headed and fell unconscious. The girls quickly untied her and gave her something to drink. “Did you like it” asked Kelly. Jenny nodded slightly and said “Yes it was nice, but I think it’s enough for now.” Both girls understood her and laughed. “Go to sleep, we will do it again sometime. You liked it now, next time we do it without binding you.” “Kelly are we going to enjoy ourselves now?” said Maria. Jenny felt so exhausted that she turned and fell into a deep sleep. The other two girls continued together for a long time.