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Hello, my name is Sabina and I am 18 years old and still in highschool. I recently experienced something that was not fun at first, but I liked it later on. I’ll start at the beginning.

On a beautiful summer’s day I went to the swimming pool, and there were also a number of teachers from my school. My history teacher was also there. A real bully, about thirty years old, whom I didn’t like a lot, so I didn’t pay them much attention. After lying on the side for a while, some acquaintances came along, nice guys, whom I had been friends with for a long time.

One of those guys threw me into the water just like that. I screamed a little, and fell into the water right in front of those teachers. A whole wave of water came over them. When I got out of the water, the six of them jumped in and pulled me back into the water. But now I slipped and fell on top of my history teacher, who was not at all happy with that.

A few days later at school during history, he came up to me, looked at my report of Napoleon, and suddenly started to blame me that it was a very bad report and asked how I could have made it so bad. After class he agreed with me that I should come over to him in the evening, at his house, and then he would help me with my report. I carefully tried to explain to him that I liked the report that way, but he insisted on making it better, and if I didn’t come he would call my parents that I hadn’t been to history for two weeks. It was kinda true, because I hadn’t been paying attention the last few lessons.

I protested a little more, but could not get out of it, and in the evening I was standing in front of his front door. When he opened the door and asked me in, I saw that he was wearing a bathrobe. He told me he had just been in the shower and completely naked under that coat. I did get a bit itchy, and thought it was quite scary, so I wanted to get started on my report as soon as possible. However, he pulled me up the stairs, and I walked with him. If I had known what he wanted to do…

When we got to his bedroom, he pushed me straight onto the big bed, lay down next to me, and started undoing the buttons on my blouse. When my blouse came off, he started caressing me all over, and said all kinds of nice words to me. That turned me on quite a bit, so he was able to fuck me a little later. At first his thick penis didn’t fit very well, but when he put some lubricant on his dick it slided right in.

When he sprayed his cum in my belly, I thought it was very horny too, and I orgasmed three times. I also gave him a blowjob later. You will understand that I now receive more tutoring.