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When I was on vacation in Tunisia, I wanted to take a walk on the beach one evening. So I took the bus to the beach. In the bus I saw a couple kissing and I saw that the boy was fingering the girl, this made me really horny. Under my dress I wasn’t wearing any panties, so all the horny ran down my legs and I started to caress myself. Unfortunately the couple got out and I became calm again.

When I got to the beach I went to enjoy the sunset, but when I lay there I became very horny again and since I was the only one on the beach I started fingering myself. When I had already came twice, I found out that a little further on there was an incredibly hot boy looking at me. When I noticed him he came up to me and gave me a really nice French kiss and I gently went with my hands to his pants. I stroked his pants and felt a huge bulge in his pants. I started loosening the buttons one by one, very slowly and finally I was able to free his dick from that tight space.

His dick was huge and my mouth was watering, I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. I slowly lowered my head and kissed him over his muscular chest and stomach. Then I got to that gigantic lollipop and started to lick his head nicely and then put it in my mouth. I sucked him as long as it took for him to cum squirting in my mouth and I swallowed it all. Then he took off my dress and started licking my nipples which made me hornier.

The horny dripped down my legs and onto the sand. He went further and further down and started to eat me deliciously. At first quietly and playfully around my clit but then faster and thrusting his tongue into my cunt. I felt a fantastic feeling coming up and I came screaming. I wish he took me in my pussy, I wanted to feel him in me. And as if he could read my mind, he thrust his fat cock into my cunt. Slowly at first, but eventually faster and deeper.

Then I felt his sperm squirt inside me. Since I hadn’t come yet I pushed my cunt onto his mouth. The horny ran down my legs and I turned around and started sucking him again so that we came at the same time. We walked back to the bus stop while kissing and we couldn’t keep off each other in the bus.

When we got to my room I walked to the bathroom and went in the shower. Soon I felt a stiff cock in my back. I bent over and showed my little star, he understood what I wanted and took me in the ass. Soon we came together and again I felt his cum spray inside me. I licked everything off his dick and then we got out of the shower.

He threw me on the bed and started to eat me deliciously and soon I came again. After a heavy French kiss we fell asleep. We have been together for a year now.