The warehouse

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Suppliers come to take orders almost every week. Sometimes they have the goods with them and then immediately place them in our warehouse.

In the month of June, Isabel came to visit us. That day she wore a nice suit, with a rather short skirt. Neat and expensive I think. I was on the phone for a moment when she came to my desk. I looked at her dreaming, and just kept talking to my customer as if I wasn’t interested in her.

Isabel, a married woman, I thought, wearing a suit, knelt a bit and then just took off her pants. No reason. Fine lace underwear. She unzipped her panty liner and threw it in my bin. She put the pants in her handbag.

She came up next to me and just said, “I’m in the mood for a quickie”. Speechless my hand was soon under her skirt. Nothing could stop my hormones, I feel sorry for my wife.

Her pussy was blissfully wet, and my fingers slid in without any problems. Then she undid herself a bit, lifted her short gray skirt and she laid herself out in front of me on the desk. Like a kitten she settled between pen, paper and telephone.

Her legs rested on my chair. My tongue plunged in, and I could taste a sweet vagina generously and calmly. I tasted her for at least 10 minutes, quietly, without rush, a gift of the day! I think I want to lick her pussy off every day.

I sucked her tickler in gently. Mmmhhh, she whispered, I want to feel you inside me. She turned around and sat with her butt towards me on top of the desk. My fly opened quickly, and my penis was blissfully seeping in.

Her lips closed around me blissfully, and she moaned softly. I lowered her skirt a bit, such a nice and sexy feeling. I tried to enjoy every move. This could not stop. Fucking a girl on my desk, an angel who just walked in. Does that exist?

It only took a minute when I vigorously injected her with my load of cum. I had never felt such a flow. My hand stroked her clitoris, softly, quickly, and she jerked and shivered when she came too.

I cleaned myself with my handkerchief and put everything away. She took a kleenex to rub her lips dry and put the skirt down again. The bottom remained in the handbag.

The order was taken, and Isabel was gone. I kept that panty liner as a gift. She has been coming in every week now, and the ritual has already been repeated once. Women are inscrutable. I am so happy to be able to experience this.