The swingers club

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I am Walter and 29 years old and my wife is called Suzanne and is 26 years old. We have been married for 2 years and have a perfect sex life and we enjoy each other every day. But recently I was stunned because Suzanne suddenly wanted to go to a swingers club.

I asked her; why do you suddenly want this now? Well to keep our marriage exciting and to meet other people. And it turns me on when I see other people making out and I would love to join with you. And then I get so horny of the thoughts that I see your dick disappear into someone else’s pussy and I feel another dick inside me. Long story short I agreed and the following Saturday we went to a well known swingers club. Saturday’s only couples are allowed there, which I liked so much.

We came in and we were shown around by the hostess. After a tour and adjusting our clothes (me in a swimsuit and Suzanne in a bikini, we didn’t know what usual clothes were) we took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink. Suzanne soon started talking to a man in his forties. And I was talking to the bartender. After fifteen minutes Suzanne nudged me and said: I will introduce you, this is Ben and next to him his wife Charlotte. I too introduced myself and shook hands with both of them.

He was a slender, well-groomed man of about 45 years old and his wife a beautiful woman for her age. She was slender and had a considerable facade. I liked it. Suzanne also has nice big firm tits and is slim like me. We were chatting at the bar. Until Ben said, let us take our drinks to one of the seats. Okay, we said and followed them to a quiet corner.

There was another couple of about 35 years old talking, but otherwise it was a very quiet dim corner. We slumped into a big couch that stood there. I was sitting next to Charlotte, Suzanne sitting between Ben and Charlotte. We sat down and chatted when the couple started to french kiss violently and caress each other unabashedly. The woman had her hand in his pants and she had her tits exposed.

Immediately my dick reacted of course. And Charlotte realized that, and said; Well, Walter, it looks like you like the view. Yes, I have never denied that. The other couple heard us and asked us; The first time? Yes that’s right. And now you are here and you don’t know what to do yet? Correct?. Eh yes a bit, that is true, although we were chatting with Ben and Charlotte all this time. About sex? No, not yet. That’s what I meant. You come for sex right? Eh, yes, eh I think so I stammered. May we help you? Yes why not, I am very spontaneous.

I thought she would explain everything to us again. They got up. She sat on my lap and immediately put her tongue deep into my mouth. Deliciously wild we were french kissing and my dick pressed against her ass. Her husband was after Charlotte, who had pulled her out of the couch and put his arms around her waist and she around his neck and were also kissing like savages. Then I was shocked, where is Suzanne then? Sure enough, she had gone to the other sofa with Ben and was lying on her back with Ben on top of her, kissing and moaning violently. Because his finger was in her panties, so you can guess what he’s doing.

After a long fiery French kiss from this unknown woman, she introduced herself; I am Sandra and that is Robbert. Charlotte was already standing with Robbert’s dick in her hand and Robbert had undressed her upper body. Sandra slipped off my lap and pulled my shorts down and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked so hard that I almost came. I pulled my dick out of her mouth for a moment and took off her last clothes.

A beautiful slim woman with red long hair, not too big tits but a good handful. While Charlotte has real big tits. I put Sandra on her back and let my cock slide back into her mouth while taking her clit between my lips. She almost sucked my dick off and moaned and groaned. Robbert was already a step further, he was fucking Charlotte in a hard rough way. She loved it because she also screamed and squirmed under him.

Suzanne also got hard by Ben because she too was lying on her back and screaming for his dick. Meanwhile, a lot of people were looking at us. And when I looked at them I saw more and more pants taken off. And the moans got louder. Just before I came I turned and rammed my cock into Sandra’s soaking wet cunt. I fucked her like a wild horse, my tongue deep in her mouth and kneading her tits. She squirmed and struggled and screamed at one point. I came with a lot of grunts and noise. And let me fall on the couch panting, Sandra came next to me and gave me a kiss; you are a fucking nice boy, do you know that? I shrugged and took a sip of beer.

Well, Sandra said, looks like your wife is having fun. A lot actually, have you neglected her like that? No, we fuck every day. I’m going to have a look, Sandra said and she walked away from me towards Suzanne and Ben, I thought. But when I joined I saw that Ben was eating her out and Suzanne had a huge black cock in her mouth. Sandra knelt by him and put her tongue in that big black mouth. The result was a long wild French kiss with this big negro.

I was watching and I felt my dick grow. Suddenly I felt a hand around my dick, it was Charlotte. Horny?? She asked. She turned in front of me, put her arms around my neck and her tongue disappeared into my mouth. She could really kiss, and she stroked my dick continuously. She went down her knees and took my dick in her mouth and started to suck it. This allowed me to see what was happening to Suzanne.

Suzanne had let go of that black dick and he was ready to fuck her with that same big thing. He put his dick in front of her pussy, waited a moment and rammed that huge cock right up to the root in Suzanne. Suzanne responded as if she was undergoing 1000 volts and no sound came out. He stopped for a moment to let her adjust. He fell over Suzanne to kiss her wildly, which she eagerly answered. She stroked his curly hair. Then his dick went up and down slowly, faster and faster and Suzanne really screamed. Oooohh god what kind of dick is this? Delicious fuck me hard, harder!.

Sandra sat next to her and kneaded her delicious big tits while this nigger fucked Suzanne crazy. Suddenly Sandra bent over Suzanne and put her tongue in her mouth. And they too began to kiss wildly. I never thought that Suzanne had that in her, she really liked it. She had her arms around her neck and answered this French kiss just as fervently. This got me so horny that I turned Charlotte over and pushed my dick inside her. She immediately took Robbert’s dick, which was still puffing out, in her mouth and sucked it hard.

Ben, meanwhile, had sat down behind Sandra and put his dick in her pussy and fucked fiercely. Next to us a girl in her early 20s was watching us and fingering herself. While I think her boyfriend (he was about the same age) was fingering and kissing a 50 year old woman. Suddenly just before I came, she walked over to me and started kissing me intensely. She pushed me so that I lost my balance and fell backwards. My dick flopped out at Charlotte and she looked disappointed. The girl ducked on top of me and slid over my dick and whispered in my ear. Now I really want to get fucked by a real guy.

I turned her on her back and started fucking her like a wild beast. She screamed desirably, that’s how I want it! Harder! This is some great fucking. And she had put her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. We fucked each other to the top with a wild kiss. We came shocking and soaking wet. Charlotte had meanwhile taken care of Robbert. Here, also, the noise was stifled by two kissing people who came with a wonderful shock.

Suzanne bellowed that he had to stop otherwise she would die, but when he stopped she screamed that she wanted more. Suddenly Sandra called; Now I want this black dick. The negro withdrew and walked over to Sandra. Without saying a word, he thrusts his dick in all at once. She put her legs and arms around him and screamed for him to go faster. Oooooooohh yes! Like this, I have never been fucked like this. What a dick and he is going and going.

Ben took care of Suzzane again and lowered his cock back into her cunt. Wild fucking and kissing they came together. And Suzanne was totally exhausted. She smiled at me and asked; next week again? I winked and said, for sure. Charlotte and Ben said they are having a party next week. Would you like to come? We looked at each other smiling and said: Yes, nice.

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