The swingers club 2

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As promised, here is the continuation of the swingers club. You now know that we are a married couple, my wife Suzanne is 26 years old and I am Walter and I am 29 years old. After our last visit to a well-known swingers club, we were invited by Charlotte (44 years old) and Ben (46 years old) to a party at their home. The specific Saturday night that we were going to that party, we were both tense and nervous. After all, we had only been to a swingers club once and already an invitation for a private party. And we both didn’t know what to expect from it.

When we arrived at the house, we rang the bell nervously, and the door was opened by Charlotte. Hello, how nice of you to come. She greeted us warmly with a kiss. We followed Charlotte into the room. It was a very large room where about 10 couples sat. Hello ladies and gentlemen Charlotte said, may I introduce to you Walter and Suzanne. We met them recently. Everyone nodded and smiled at us. I decided to shake hands with everyone. So we went around the room. They were all couples who looked good.

One couple was our age and they too looked well cared for. By the way, the woman was a beautiful woman with long blond hair, a pair of beautiful legs and a pair of tits that looked nice firm and big. Suzanne had her eye on them too and there were two places left next to them so we sat down next to them and introduced ourselves to them.

Her name is Margo and was 29 years old and his name is Mike and was 31 years old. We started talking about anything and everything. They too had met Charlotte and Ben in a swingers club. We talked until the hostess stepped up in the middle of the room, and she announced; Ladies and gentlemen, I just want your attention. We’re not coming here tonight to talk about the weather so I suggest we take action.

Everyone started clapping. I propose that two people will give Walter and Suzanne a tour, they do not know the house yet and you can get to know them right away. Who is available? Two hands next to us flew up, it was Margo and Mike. Okay, you go and show them everything and when you come back all the car keys will go together and we’ll get the party started.

Mike took Suzanne by the hand and led us upstairs. First the bathroom where you could shower and take a bath. A very large bedroom with mattresses on the floor and a small chest of drawers that was all in the room. Then another bedroom from Ben and Charlotte. Then to the attic, there was a massage table and a sauna. And that was it.

I walked to the skylight for a moment and looked outside where I looked over a large puddle area. Gee, what a beautiful view I said. Margo came and stood next to me, put her arm around my waist and looked out too. I followed and put an arm around her shoulder. For a moment we stood there looking, when we looked at each other and smiled. Her mouth came closer and she gave me a gentle kiss. That was green light for me. I turned to her and started kissing her. And our tongues went wild in each other’s mouths. She was apparently very excited because her breathing was already very heavy.

My hand went through her back and her side to the front and knead the nice firm tits. And I squeezed her nipples gently. She responded immediately by moaning softly and stroking my dick with her hand. My dick had become rock hard. She stopped kissing and said to wait a minute, we have to go downstairs where they are waiting for us. Ok, I said but you’re not done with me yet!! No, not yet, but that was close, she said, laughing. And we walked down.

Suzanne and Mike also got stuck on the second floor. You could also clearly see that he had a boner, just like me. So they didn’t talk about the weather either. Down in the room, everyone started to laugh at us. We guys came in with a visible stiff dick. Charlotte urged everyone to order. She had a cookie jar and went past all the men and they had to deposit their car key in there. These keys were shuffled well and the women had to take a key without looking.

Charlotte said; Suzanne you can go first, because you are new and then we go clockwise. Okay? Everyone agreed. Suzanne took out a key from a Renault. and after that all the other women, no one had the key to her husband or partner, so, the party could begin. I was looking around anxiously, who had my key? Suzanne was the first to show her key and I heard next to me, yes, that’s mine. Lex was a 38-year-old man and clearly pleased with his fate. Suzanne smiled at him and went over to him. He gave her a kiss and took her hand and they walked out of the room.

Three keys went away. Margo left the room with Ben and now Petra was holding up her key. Yes she is mine, that’s mine. Petra was a 43-year-old woman, well-groomed and a slightly more plump figure than Suzanne, but certainly not fat. She sat down next to me and she also gave me a kiss and said; you’ll have to make do with me, young man. You look perfect, I said. But I am a few years older. Well, I like that. I put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her towards me and offered her my mouth. Her lips parted eagerly and our tongues had found each other.

She fell back on the couch and we didn’t know what was going on around us. She stroked my crotch with her hand and my dick only wanted one thing and that’s out of those pants. My hand had opened the top of her long pants and fled in and made it’s way to a really soaking wet cunt. I caressed her lips gently and she could not suppress a moan. I withdrew my hand and got up to take off my pants and shirt. Petra followed my example and she too was naked in no time.

Next to us on the other couch, Mike and Charlotte were making love and caressing. There was also a lot of groaning there. I leaned over to Petra’s lovely firm tits. And took a nipple in my mouth and I sucked it hard, and my fingers had again found a way between her pubic hair and touched her clit which brought about a cry of pleasure. I gently pushed her back on the couch and offered her my cock as I started to lick her clit. She immediately understood what was expected of her and took the head of my cock between her lips and sucked it so hard that I almost came.

When I gently bit her clit she put her teeth into the head of my dick and bit it gently and pushed the tip of her tongue into the urethra. I thought I was going to pass out. She did it that well. Before I came I got up and turned around and put the head of my dick in front of her cunt. Come on, she said, I want it inside! I kept threatening to thrust in but I kept waiting anyway. Come on, I want to be fucked, why are you teasing me like that?

I thought it was enough now and with a thrust I penetrated right up to my balls into her. YES, she screamed. And now started fucking her really hard. Our pace went faster and faster and we kissed each other wilder. Then we both started to shake and I came moaning and groaning. Sitting side by side on the couch we were panting from this amazing fuck. On the other couch next to us Charlotte and Mike also finished, I could tell from the necessary moans and screams.

I poured a drink for Petra and myself and we enjoyed this delicious cool snack. After 10 minutes I had to go to the toilet. I went into the hallway and there was Ben standing with his cock in Margot and Margo was standing over with Lex’s cock in her mouth. I couldn’t go to the toilet there, I had to go upstairs.

Olivia 44 years old and Simone 32 years old lay on the mattresses eating each other. Sunanne had Leo’s (44 years old) dick in her mouth and Gerard’s dick (49 years old) in her pussy. She was fucked very rough, which she apparently liked because she moaned as if it was a sweet pleasure. I needed to go to the toilet so I opened the bathroom and in the bath Sandra (48 years) and Mary (38 years) were kissing and fingering each other in the bath. I’m sorry ladies, but I really have to take a piss now, I can’t go downstairs and I’m about to pop.

Doesn’t matter and I let my load of urine run down the toilet. Come and have a nice bath with us, Sandra asked. Well ladies I would like to meet you. And I stepped over the edge into the tub. The three of us now sat in a row, my legs hanging over the side. Sandra on the right and Mary on the left. Mary immediately had my dick in her hand and stroked it sweet and tender. Sandra offered me her mouth and our tongues fought fiercely. I knead her lovely hanging tits, they weren’t that big but just right for her body type.

Mary ducked over and took my dick in her mouth, which had turned rock hard by now. Mmmm, what a lovely dick and she occasionally put her teeth in my head of my dick. Meanwhile, a finger of mine had disappeared in Sandra’s sopping cunt. Let’s go to the mattresses, there we have some more space. Good idea, they both said, and we got out of the tub and dried ourselves.

I walked into the room and there Suzanne and Gerard were deeply kissing and caressing each other. I dropped onto the mattress followed by the two very horny women. Mary immediately started to French kiss and I felt Sandra sink over my dick. During the endless tongue fight of Mary and me, Sandra started riding my cock wildly. Which was accompanied by the necessary sounds.

Mary got up and sat on top of my face. I understood what was expected of me, so my tongue disappeared between her labia. I gently bit her clit which lead to the necessary screaming. The two women looked at each other and kneaded each other’s tits. After a few minutes, Sandra got away from me and lay on her back so that I could lie on her. But I didn’t get the chance to do that.

Mary got on top of her and started kneading her tits and they began to kiss deeply. I lifted Mary’s hips and thrusted my cock into her soaking wet cunt. Sitting on my knees I fucked her hard. Which she really loved. I also want to fuck Sandra. So I pulled back and lay on my side so I could ram my dick into the lower cunt. Moments later we came screaming and groaning.

Suzanne was now being fucked by Mike and Margo was French kissing Suzanne. Suzanne was enjoying it, she had put her arms around Margo’s neck and answered her kiss with just a few fierce moans. Now I also saw that Suzanne was fingering Margot and they were sucked together completely. I have never seen two women kiss so violently.

My dick stayed hard with this spectacle. I walked over to the making out threesome and got down on my knees behind Margo and thrusted my semi-hard dick into her cunt and started to fuck violently. Fuck me silly! I pulled out of her and put her on her back and let myself fall on top of her. I immediately thrust my hard dick back into that dripping wet pussy. And started to thrust in and out, very quietly and controlled. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. And pulled my head to hers and our lips found each other again.

Our mouths opened and we were drowned in an endless French kiss. My thrusts went faster and faster now, until I squirted while loudly moaning. And Margo, too, was squirming under me and screaming that she was cumming. I fell down next to her, panting.

She gently caressed my chest and whispered; and how did you like your first sex party? Delicious but very tiring I laughed. So, I can invite you when the time comes. For sure, I said. After we agreed to keep in touch and do this again, we said goodbye and both drove home feeling satisfied.