The surprise

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My girlfriend and I have been in a relationship for two years now. She called me at work in the afternoon and said she had a surprise for me. And that I would see it tonight. Of course I was very curious, I was just thinking about a present, but what I found when I got home was beyond my wildest expectations.

My surprise was every man’s dream, a threesome. They were both on the bed kissing. I asked those two gorgeous women if there was still room for me. They both said they had reserved a spot for me. They were both lying on the bed with only their lingerie on.

When I saw these two slim and beautiful girls kissing each other my dick started to grow. They looked so nice a lovely brunette (my girlfriend) and her very nice looking blonde friend. When I stood at the edge of the bed they slowly started to undress me until I was only wearing my boxer shorts.

Both girls were eagerly looking at the large bulge in my boxer shorts. My girlfriend took off the boxer shorts and she started to indulge my big hard cock. She took it nice and fast in and out her mouth, her girlfriend started to eat my girlfriends pussy. We both came in shock and I sprayed my divine juices all over her beautiful face and into her mouth.

The remaining sperm on her face was licked of by her friend greedily. My girlfriend and I looked at each other and we understood each other immediately. We were going to spoil our lovely blonde friend. I spread her legs and put my stiff cock in her nice wet pussy. She moaned in pleasure as I made my 9 inch cock disappear into her body with long hard strokes.

My girlfriend got a little jealous and told me to fuck her nice wet pussy. I naturally accepted her offer and pulled my dick out of the blonde who had came in the meantime. My girlfriend saw the blonds beautiful shiny wet pussy and started to lick it. I took my girlfriend from behind but not in her delicious wet pussy but in her nice tight ass.

I fucked her tight ass nice and hard and deep until she moaned with pleasure. I felt I almost had to cum again and pulled it out of her ass. And gave it to the blonde who put it in her mouth and started sucking it until I came. I gave her a mouthful of my delicious cum and she swallowed everything nicely.

So now all trhee of us had a good time and we all fell asleep. My last thoughts were that she could surprise me more often.