The slumber party

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Hello my name is Kayleigh. I have a very sweet friend, his name is Jay. I had received an invitation from my girlfriend (Suzy) to join a sleepover, Jay was also allowed to come too, it was on a Friday evening. Jay and I were due to come. When we arrived on that specific Friday evening, everyone was already in their pajamas. We walked in and I noticed there were several condoms on the floor.

She said we would all sleep downstairs, in the living room. I took off my coat and stood in my nightgown. Jay was in his underwear. We first had a bit of party with music and drinks until about 4:30am and then went to sleep.

The next day Jay asked if I would come to the bank and he started kissing me. My girlfriend Suzy saw it and walked over to us. She whispered in my ear that it would be a heavy night! She put her hand on my leg and lifted my nightgown slightly. She looked at my thong right now. I just happily kissed on and suddenly felt a tongue around my pussy. Jay looked down for a moment and saw it… He just took off my nightdress and started caressing my breasts.

Jay shouted, “Surprise!!” and suddenly everyone came up to me and they took off their clothes. I got shaked, pinched and a lot more. I got a lot of cocks in my mouth and had to swallow heavily. Then Jay put me on the floor and he slid his cock easily into my crack. He went up and down wildly and came inside me.

I had to lie on my back and Suzy’s friend came to me. He pushed my ass up so that my ass was sticking up. He spread his legs and stood by my butt. He shoved his dick up my ass and went in and out gently. After 3 minutes he sprayed a loads of cum in my ass. It was a great feeling.

I could just lie down again and everyone touched me. I got fingered, eaten and I sucked and jerked. After an hour we were all tired. They had done all kinds of things to me. Dildos put in my pussy, fucked me anal, you name it.

I took a shower. I was still naked and drunk. I just walked upstairs and forgot that the parents were still at home. I entered the bathroom and saw Suzy’s father in the shower. He saw me and he grabbed my ass and pulled me into the shower. He pushed my legs wide and fucked me in my asshole. I came screaming.

Suzy’s mother heard screaming in the toilet and came to have a look. She saw her husband pump his cock into my pussy and all his cum squirted into my mouth. She took a dildo from her nightstand and went back to the bathroom. She quietly sat down to me and pumped and stuffed the dildo into her pussy. Suzy’s father had put his dick in the mother’s mouth and sprayed a load of sperm into her mouth.

I was lifted out of the shower and put on the floor. My legs were wide and Suzy’s other was eating me out. She put her own ass up and Suzy’s father put his fat cock in her pussy. It went up and down hard. She fingered me really hard and I came again. After 30 minutes they were done with me and left me alone in the bathroom.

I jumped in the shower and without noticing Suzy walked in. She also wanted to take a shower. She saw me and there I was licked again. A big dildo in my cunt and I started dripping horny juices everywhere again. I started kissing Suzy intensely. My fingers slid down her breasts towards her pussy. I had found it. I ducked down and started eating her. The pussy juices ran down my face. Oh what a wonderful night I thought.

Eventually we walked downstairs together and went to sleep. Later I found out that Jay had seen me getting fucked by Suzy’s father and mother. He thought it was a really horny sight and we both wish we could do the party all over again.