The sister

7.5  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 5m blowjob doggystyle straight

My name is Dick (yes, that is really my name) and I’m 19 years old. A friend of mine is also 19. But she has a very beautiful 18 year old sister that I had a crush on for a while. But I never did anything with it because it was my best friend’s sister. Until yesterday, anyway…

I arrived at my friend’s house and it seemed like no one was home, but the door was open. So I walked in and guess who just walked out of the shower completely naked, Carla (the sister). And instead of quickly rolling over a towel, she comes to me. She says, “You know I like you”, and she grabs me in the crotch.

So I am completely surprised, I gawk at her with my mouth open and I don’t know what to say or do. But luckily she knows what to do and she kisses me. Immediately my cock is growing rock hard in my pants. She sees that and pulls me to the bed. She orders me to lie down. Then she walks away. But luckily she comes back quickly.

In one hand she has a glass of water and the other a tea towel. She says I have to lie completely flat. When I lie down she finally starts to untie my pants. And my pole finally gets the space it has been craving for all along. Then she pulls my boxers down and starts sucking me off. Very slowly at first and then very quickly.

She then takes the glass and takes a little water in her mouth. This was a heavenly feeling because the water was so nice and warm. Then she stops and swallows the water. She starts jerking me of and I see her take something out of that tea towel. She puts it in her mouth. Then she goes for my cock again and starts sucking it again. Then I suddenly feel a terrible cold. She has ice cubes in her mouth!

Throughout this game I got so terribly horny that I shouted “Come sit on me quickly! I want you!” Luckily she had also become terribly horny through this whole spectacle so my cock slipped in easily. She starts to ride me. She goes faster and faster until she starts moaning and screaming “YES, YES, FASTER, FASTER!! I’m coming!”. She cums. And I can feel her pussy tighten around my cock.

“Delicious”, she says. But I was not done yet so we just went to try another position, doggystyle. And off we went again. Slowly at first but then I felt it bubble from all sides of my body. I was cumming. I told her and she quickly sat in front of me and started sucking and jerking me off. Within seconds, all the semen sprayed across the room. The first shocks of sperm came a yard far! Then things slowed down a bit and they landed on her tits. We took a shower together to clean ourselfs, what happened next is for another time.