The scouting girls

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On a warm summer evening I was swimming in the river. When I looked at the water, I saw a scouting group arriving along the dike. But not from 16 year old girls. No, really lovely girls who were 19 or 20 years old. I went out of the water to see them better, but then they could see me better too.

One of the girls noticed me and yelled. At that moment it seemed as if a thunderstorm broke out. All the girls dived into the water! Well that is nothing in itself, but when the first came up, the quality of the T-shirts turned out to be not too good. You could see right through. I could not keep my eyes off it, of course those girls also noticed how horny I was.

They came out of the water and huddled close to me, there was one on all sides. They asked if I would mind if they put their blouses to dry on our dock. Okay I said, and two by two they came out. They all had full-grown breasts, nice and big and the nipples swollen because of the cold water.

I got an extremly large bulge in my pants, which the ladies also noticed. I sat with my knees pulled up and at one point my dick was so overgrown that it came around the corner. The girls laughed and pointed. But this only made me hornier. They came closer and closer and in the end one of the 5 accidentally touched him on purpose. She giggled and said to the other girls, “Come on, I don’t think this guy has any objection.”

It seemed this phrase was a sign, because all of a sudden they tried to lift the top of my swim shorts to get a glimpse of my pole. But this was nothing, on of the girls went from behind my pants and started stroking my star with her artificial nails. Another thought she had waited long enough and went in front. She slowly started to pull off my trunk and the moment I felt the white sacred fluid flowing upwards she happily stopped.

The girl who went in from behind suddenly put a piece of her nail into my buthole. What a horny feeling! When she had gone back and forth a few times, she stopped and suddenly she said very loudly, come girls now! Then they forcibly took off my pants and my dick came out, my black pubic hair stuck out on the side and they started sucking me off.

Of course I had no objection and started fingering the nicest of the 5. I stirred her wet dripping pussy and the girls who had nothing to do were fingering themselves and the moment I was about to cum and the girls were no longer holding it, we all climaxed together. I filled her mouth with lukewarm sperm, which she sucked up to the last drop with pleasure. The girl I was fingering orgasmed and a nice trickle ran down my arm which then one of the ladies licked up again. I licked the last moisture out of her slit and my cock was also sucked empty to the last drop.