The Newspaper Girl

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I am a horny girl of 21 years old, I have blond hair, blue eyes and nice tits. I am a lesbian. There is such a nice girl in our neighborhood, who brings newspapers around. I would like to get to know her better, I guess she is about 19 years old.

It was around the time of the holidays again. And one night I was taking a shower and then the bell rang. So I then opened in my dressing gown. It was the newspaper girl and she wanted to wish me happy holidays. I looked at her from head to toe. And said, you look pretty good. She looks at me and she starts laughing, a moment later she says that I myself do not look that bad either. So I asked her if she would like to come in so we can talk and have a drink. That seemed like a good idea to her.

She had a short tight skirt with a top on, the skirt was so tight that you could see her thong, that looked nice and horny. So I said to her to go sit on the couch and then I would get us something to drink. The newspaper girl sat down quietly on the couch, but thought it was taking too long and she got curious and nervous. So she walked around and started looking in the cupboards and suddenly she sees in one of those cupboards a dildo and other nice toys.

She puts the dildo on the table. And sat down again, then I came walking with a drink and I saw that dildo on the table and I immediately got a bit horny. I give her the drink and sat down quietly next to her. But before I was comfortable, she said that dildo was for later and at the same time she gave me a nice French kiss.

During the lovemaking that followed, I started loosening her top and began to gently massage her tits, meanwhile she opened my dressing gown and took it off. I said that at one point I was actually taking a shower and she might want to continue showering together. To which the newspaper girl jumped up and said it was a really good idea, she was feeling a bit dirty.

She walked upstairs and took the dildo with her. Upstairs I still had a strap-on dildo and put it on. I the bath run first. Okay, she said, then we can now just kiss a bit. She immediately gave me such a nice French kiss. When there was enough water in the bath, we took a bath, first there was some more lovemaking. And after about 10 minutes she said to me she felt like eating me out. I agreed, but only if I could eat her too.

While eating her I felt that she tried to finger me, which I obviously wanted, and to make it easier for her I moved a bit so she could reach my pussy with her hand. First she put one finger in, but she pushed in more! There were at least three fingers in, the feeling of it was lovely. Just before I felt that I was cumming she stopped and asked me if I wanted to fuck her with my strap-on dildo.

The newspaper girl was so horny that she came in 10 thrusts and now I still had to cum. So she took that dildo from downstairs and shoved it roughly into my pussy. I was just about to cum, so she got it in and out a few more times and then I came too.

We went on for a while after that, she ate me and fingered me and I did the same for her. I came two more times and she three times. When we were completely exhausted we dried each other off and I went to help her with the papers. She still comes by regularly and we often have good sex like this!