The motorcycle

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I once drove along the water on a beautiful summer day it was 80 degrees at ease, enjoying the good weather when I suddenly noticed a girl swimming. I drove a little closer and stopped. I kept staring around a bit when suddenly the girl called out “hey! The weather is good, right? By the way, nice motorcycle. My boyfriend also has one.”.

I went to the girl who looked very good, I sat down on the grass, and the girl climbed out of the water and we started a conversation my name is Jessica and then she asked if I did wanted to swim and to be honest I didn’t feel like it. But I could not resist her temptation, but what now I did not have a swimsuit and Jessica said no problem there is no one here who can sees us, and so I took off my clothes and Jessica was watching. I was completely naked and I had trouble controlling my erection, she was so beautiful.

She said you have a nice cock so big I haven’t seen many yet, and I jumped into the water to cool down a bit but Jessica jumped straight after me and came up to me and grabbed me, apparently she was excited because I felt her hand on my dick that was now limp from the cold water and she asked if I would lay down with her. I couldn’t turn that down, so of course I said yes, and we quickly lay on her blanket that she brought from home.

I first lay on my stomach but it was so hot that I had to turn around and I closed my eyes to the bright sunlight and suddenly I felt a hand on my dick and it was Jessica. She said that her boyfriend had been out for a while and that she was lonely. Still with her hand around my dick, that was now swelling enormously, she came closer and kissed me on the mouth and a moment later she took my dick inside her mouth and asked if I objected, of course I did not say no. She did well with one hand around my dick and with the other she bit my balls while continuing to blow. At one point I felt my juices boiling and told her I wouldn’t last long and she kept going, until I started spraying! I saw it was a lot because she couldn’t handle it all, it ran down the corners of her mouth.

I pushed her back and put my head between her legs and started to eat her and she moaned so loud that you could hear it across the water. She cummed several times and I licked her pussy juices. I brought my cock, which was now full size again, closer to her pussy and pushed it in at ease, which went very well as she was very wet. I started to fuck her and time after time again she cummed. When I started spraying my cum deep in her pussy she cummed again.

We both jumped in the water for us to refresh a bit and when we got back on the blanket she started to blow me again she couldn’t get enough of it, my cock that was rock hard again. She sucked it nicely and she asked me if I wanted to fucked her in the ass, for me it was the first time that I had such a chance and I agreed. First a little saliva on her anus, then I pushed a finger in and then I put my rock hard pole against her anus. And I have to say I thought it was going to be hard,but I pushed a bit and it popped right in. Quickly the full length of my dick was in and Jessica moaned with happiness, and I just fucked her harder and harder.

But when she suddenly started to massage my balls with one hand, I couldn’t hold it any longer and sprayed my cum deep in her ass. She turned around and immediately started licking my cock until it was clean. Then I drove home with her on the motorcycle and now we have been happy together for over 12 years.