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First I will introduce myself, my name is Noah and I am 21 years old and since 3 months I have been dating Laura, a nice girl of 23 years old. We get along well. She is the youngest daughter of a family of four children. She has a brother (Xander) of 25 years old and a sister Ester (28 years old) who is married to Robin (29 years old).

On a Saturday evening I went to pick up Laura to go out again. When I entered the house I was greeted with a lovely French kiss. Laura said we can stay home tonight and gave me a wink. I looked at her questioningly. My parents are gone all evening and Xander has just been picked up by friends. Well, in that case, I’d rather stay at home. Okay great, I’m going to make coffee, said Laura.

In the meantime I closed the curtains. When the coffee was ready we sat down on the couch together and enjoyed the coffee. Laura got up and put on some music. Come on, she said I want to dance. I walked over to her and we were shuffling nicely. And my leg soon went between hers and my upper leg rubbed her crotch nicely. She took my head and roughly pushed her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues were wildly engaged in endless battle. And her breathing grew heavier. She, too, was rubbing her leg against my crotch. And my dick got rock hard.

A moment later she had taken my dick out of my pants and jerked it off nice and soft and tender. We were still dancing and I kneaded her delicious ass. Let’s sit down, said Laura. We sat on the couch and our tongues resumed the fight. We now passionately caressed each other’s bodies. I kneaded her delicious tits and she kept holding my cock in her hand and jerked it gently. She did it so good.

I now let a hand of mine slowly slide upwards between her legs. And the closer I got to her crotch, the more intensely she started kissing and the heavier her breathing became. When I got to her crotch, her panties were really soaking wet. And when I pulled the panties aside and gently moved my finger over her lips, she immediately started to cum. She came for the first time.

God boy I’ve been horny as hell all day long. Let me see, I said and ripped off her panties. Come on boy, she said, take your clothes off too. I also responded to that. And dove between those lovely legs and started to lick her pussy clean. She groaned and squirmed on the couch. Because of that moaning and groaning, we had no idea that anyone had entered. Suddenly I felt a hand around my dick from behind and it started pulling it in a wonderful way.

I looked and called out loud and terrified, Ester!? Laura jumped up too. Calm down. How did you get in? Well, I have had a key for many years, I never ring the bell anyway. And I thought mom and dad were home. And then I saw you working it. What a nice dick he has, said Ester. Can I hold it a little longer, she asked and without waiting for the answer she already had it in her hand and was stroking it.

I looked at Laura and shrugged. I thought what am I supposed to do? She did this so well. I had now sat down on the couch and Ester had got down on her knees and was still jerking me off. Well that’s enough, Ester, said Laura. We can’t do this! You are married and it is my boyfriend. Okay, she said. Can I give this lovely cock another kiss? And she was already diving forward, took my dick in her mouth and sucked it so hard that I almost passed out. I started moaning really hard now.

I looked at Laura and her face turned really bright red, for a moment I thought, this is the end, she is burning from anger. But nothing could be further from the truth, she had become very horny and was now fingering herself. Ester’s hand had already disappeared under her skirt and she was fingering herself. Suddenly Ester said to Laura: come, we can enjoy it together. Hesitantly, Laura got up and also got down on her knees. These two girls took turns sucking my dick now.

Ester became freer, she now stroked Laura’s ass and a moment later she lowered her hand through the buttock seam towards the pussy. Shamelessly she now started to caress Laura’s pussy. She looked very surprised for a moment and then she also started to moan because she took her clit between her fingers at the right moment. She screamed now. And in the corner of my eye I saw someone else come in.

It was Robin, Ester’s husband. He said nothing and undressed without the others noticing. He tapped Ester, who moved slightly to the right and immediately rammed his dick into Laura. She looked back in shock and saw who it was. This is not possible, she cried but the scream immediately turned into a loud moan from Laura. Do you like this Laura? Ester asked. Shut up bitch, soon I’ll kill you.

Oooohhhhhhhh how nice she called, come on Robin harder, fuck me hard, she wanted this so badly, now I want you all. Fuck harder, oooooooooohhhhhh, I’m going crazy! Meanwhile Ester had sat on me and let my dick slide into her. She went up and down very softly and our mouths were sucked together. What a wonderful French kiss she could give. She almost sucked my tongue out of my mouth. And then she pushed her tongue back in so deep that I almost gagged. She also moaned violently, ooooooohhhhhhhh, this is such a good fuck. What a wonderful boy you are, come on, fuck your sister-in-law into heaven.

I kept pulling my dick out very slowly and pushed it back in slowly. Laura had turned and was on her back. Her arms and legs around Robin’s neck. And their tongues deep in each other’s mouths. Their cheeks had been sucked all the way in. They suckle each other’s tongue so hard. He growled and grunted and Laura screamed. I have never been so horny she cried. Robin, you fuck so good, he is so hard.

Ester said stop I want to get it from behind now. She got on her knees next to Laura and Robin. That way she could also knead Laura’s tits. While I was fucking Ester, Robin was fucking Laura. Ester and Robin started kissing heavily. I pulled back and put my dick in her ass. OOhhhh! What are you doing? I have never done that!! Calm down, relax, I said. And went in and out gently and stroked her clit and knead her lovely big tits.

Laura moved closer to Ester and took a nipple in her mouth and sucked it hard. This was too much for her and she started screaming. What is this good, oh for God’s sake, go on !!! Now I was really going hard and she screamed even louder. Robin followed my lead and pulled back and rammed his dick into her ass. He fucks my wife in the ass, you will get the same, Robin shouted.

Laura also screamed, she was used to my dick but Robin’s dick was bigger. I can’t breathe anymore, she said. Jesus what a dick. But after two or three thrusts she put her arms and legs around him again and they fucked both at a fast pace. Robin sat up and grabbed Laura’s legs and pushed them back even further so that he could go even deeper.

I didn’t know my brother-in-law could fuck like that, Laura shouted. And she came screaming and shaking. Ester also began to shake violently. Dirty filthy brother-in-law of mine, what pleasures you give me. Then she literally fell over Laura. And they were out panting. They lay like that for a while.

Ester asked Laura and did you like it? God damn sister, she laughed and said this was great. Ester took Laura’s head and shoved her tongue into her mouth. Laura fought fiercely, but after two seconds she put her arms around Ester’s neck and then they were happily kissing. They were literally sucked together and fingered each other.

Ester apparently had more experience, she turned around and began to lick Laura’s pussy clean. Laura groaned and groaned, then Ester took her clit between her lips. And Laura literally screamed so loud the entire neighborhood could hear her. Ester smothered this by pressing her pussy to her mouth. Laura got into it and sucked hard on Ester’s clit. Now she too began to shake and scream. The horny dripped from their faces.

They both turned and now Laura was on top of Ester and she did not let go. She licked and nibbled as if it was the last thing she would ever do. Ester gasped. Robin had lost it, got up and rammed his cock into Laura’s soaking wet cunt. Oh how horny, Ester cried, I see my husband’s cock going in and out in my sister’s pussy. I also want a dick she cried.

I got up and Laura sat up while still being fucked hard by Robin. Ester was still licking that fucking cunt when I shoved my dick in all of a sudden. I sat on my knees and lifted Ester’s back slightly so that she could straighten her lower legs. Laura put her arms around my neck and started kissing violently again. Shocking and screaming, all four of us came.

Satisfied, we had another drink and quickly dressed before the parents returned. We were sitting down when we heard the key. All four of us laughed, the parents asked what’s wrong? No nothing mother, we just had some fun. I got up and went to the toilet for a while. When I opened the door again, Ester was standing there.

Ester pushed me back inside, I want to ask something else she said; do you have something to do on Saturday night? Why, I asked. Well we do swap partners very regularly and two couples will come over on Saturday. They come to us regularly and I am sure they will like you. OK? I’ll talk to Laura about it, but I’m looking forward to it. She put her arms around my neck again and we kissed each other very fervently. How wonderful you can kiss, she said and gave another kiss and disappeared into the room.