The Mecca

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Hello my name is Kayleigh, I am 18 and occasionally go to The Mecca candy store to pick up some candy. One day I went to The Mecca and saw that they had a new maid because I didn’t know her. I walked up to her and met her. Her name turned out to be Esmee and was 19 years old. I took some candies and put them in a container. Then I paid and looked at Esmee.

She had brown skin with slender long legs, dark hair, sweet friendly big brown eyes, a sweet smile and big round full breasts. The sweater was very tight and I saw a piece of her bra. She saw that and bent over on purpose so that I could look into her T-shirt. Then she turned and bent down again. I saw her panties under the skirt and she looked at me and pointed to a door. I already walked over and she said would come soon.

It was a room with a couch, table, and TV. Apparently a room for when they had a break. After two minutes Esmee came and she walked up to me and kissed me. She reached for my pussy and I jerked a little. What was happening I thought. She fingered me and soon there was a finger in my pussy and after a few minutes there were three fingers quickly going down in my pussy.

She took off her t-shirt and I saw her breasts. She quickly took off her skirt and then she stood in front of me with her bra and panties. She took off her bra and I saw her full breasts. I squeezed her nipples and began to massage them. Then I went down and took off her panties and saw her pussy. She lay down on the couch and spread her legs. I licked her and she came slowly.

Then it was my turn and I was sitting on a chair with my legs spread out and she was twirling her tongue in my pussy. That was a very good feeling. Then suddenly another girl entered. She saw us and was a bit shocked but soon walked up to Esmee and gave her a kiss. She looked at me with a squeeze in one of my tits. Then she took off her clothes and sat on my face. I had to eat pussy and I was being eaten in the meantime. Then I came and so did the girl on top. I quickly licked up all the pussy juices and without realizing it suddenly a dildo was put in my pussy.

It was a small dildo but it went up and down quite fast. Then the unknown girl put a big dildo in my mouth and I started sucking the dildo. It was fake but it was still good. Then Esmee opened her bag and took a super big and thick double dildo from her bag with a dickhead and all on both sides. She put one side in me and the other side in herself in her pussy. She went up and down and I just participated. The dildo was quite big but it still fit and after a few big thrusts I came.

The girlfriend had already dressed and went through the door. Then she came back and said that my boss was looking for me and that Esmee should go back to work. I got Esmee’s number and I often met her and the boss of the business (Mariska). And did this experience many more times.