The girls' room

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I am a girl of 19, blonde and pretty (if I say so myself), and my hobby is swimming. Last week we had to swim a competition abroad and I ended up in a hotel room with a girl from my team, her name is Kimberly. I knew Kimberly well and was already looking forward to our weekend together.

I had seen her in the locker room many times as she changed. She is small and muscular but has nice firm breasts with dark protruding nipples. She has a narrow waist, a nice ass and nice long legs, short dark hair and a small dark triangle with pubic hair.

When I had showered and came back to the room, Kimberly was lying naked on her stomach on the bed. Kimberly said she felt tense before the game, so I offered to massage her back to relax her a bit. I was still dressed but because I would be using oil, and I still sleep naked most of the time, I also undressed to feel more comfortable. I started to massage her shoulders and back.

She was nicely tanned from the sun but had white buttocks where her bikini bottom had been. Then I massaged her thighs and ass, to give her a better massage I sat wide-legged over her ass, her buttocks were already slippery with oil. As I rubbed through I felt my labia and clitoris swell, my clit slowly came out. I gently rubbed my clit along her back, and I could tell by the movements of her hips and her moans that she was also getting aroused.

I started to cum, and every time my pussy contracted there was a wave of my horny on Kimberly’s back. I reached between my legs along Kimberly’s ass to her hot wet crevice, as she spread her legs further I felt her clitoris. He was just as swollen as mine! Kimberly turned, her breasts hard and firm with puffy nipples. We looked each other in the eye and knew what to do next.

I turned and for the first time in my life looked straight into a beautiful soft vagina with a swollen clitoris and gaping labia. I couldn’t resist licking and sucking it. Kimberly did exactly the same for me. I felt her fingers in my cunt pull my clit closer to her tongue. I tasted the juice from her horny slit, nibbled her lips and licked her clit.

As I licked Kimberly’s love hole I felt her contract and got a mouthful of the horny she squeezed out of her pussy. Kimberly and I had a few more orgasms that night thanks to our new game, then fell asleep in each other’s arms. Unfortunately we both lost our game, but always win with our own new game.