The business trip

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We drove on the German Autobahn. With “we” I mean, my boss and I. We had been visiting a business associate near Munich. It had become later than we expected and we had decided to spend the night en route and drive to the Netherlands the next day. Let me introduce ourselves, my name is Eric, 28 years old and I am a buyer for a furniture manufacturer. My boss is Wilma. She is 52 years old, but you would swear she was at least ten years younger. She is a very kind, intelligent woman, always elegantly dressed and she has a very youthful appearance. My colleagues and I agree that Wilma can be considered an attractive woman, not only because of her beautiful legs and figure that looks good, but also because of her beautiful eyes. With those eyes, she can look at you in a way that would make any healthy guy melt.

So now I had the privilege of being on a mission with this woman. We had worked hard that day and were both tired, but it took a while to get to the hotel, where we would spend the night. It was fun in the car, we chatted about anything and everything and at a certain point the conversation started to move towards our private lives. Wilma said that after her second divorce three years ago, she had no longer had a serious relationship, and that she was sometimes quite lonely in her apartment, but she thought she was too old for a new relationship. I replied that I did not think she was old at all, that she was an attractive woman who could quite possibly have another guy. She looked at me with those gorgeous eyes of hers, and I felt a shudder run through my balls.

When she looked in front of her again, because she was the one who was driving the car, I tried to take in her body unnoticed. The position behind the wheel had pushed her pencil skirt well above the knees. I saw more of her legs than usual because of that. They were even more beautiful than expected, firm, nicely muscled and tanned from the sunbed. I did not notice that she had turned her head in my direction again and my gaze followed her bare knees. “Do you like my legs”, she asked and I was shocked. She had caught me and it was no use making excuses.

I replied that I loved them and put a hand on her right knee and stroked it gently. She let me do my thing and it made me bolder. First I let my hand slide down to her calves and then up again, over her knee to her thigh. I squeezed it gently and thought I heard a slight groan. She still hadn’t said anything and was driving the car as if nothing was wrong. My hand now drifted further up, under the edge of her skirt, feeling the warm, soft skin on the inner thighs. Very slowly she spread her legs slightly so that I could continue on my way. My index finger now touched her panties, which felt a little damp. When I pressed it, she moaned again, louder than before and I was now sure that I was on the right track.

She now spread her legs as far as she could while driving, pushing her skirt up to her stomach. I now had a good view of her crotch and saw that the panties were black satin. I leaned closer so that my other hand could reach her too and pulled her panties aside. I saw a completely bald cunt with thick, dark lips that were slightly apart. I spread them with the fingers of one hand and searched for her clit with the other. When I got to the right place, a shiver of pleasure went through her and I saw her pussy juice starting to flow. It gave off a wonderfully horny smell and I felt like tasting her wet cunt. So I dipped my head between her legs and enjoyed licking through her wet lips.

She tasted as good as she smelled and I was indulging in her juices. My nose pressed against her tickler, which started to grow. When I looked up for a moment I couldn’t believe my eyes. Her clit was as thick as my index finger, like a miniature cock. I had seen a lot of cunts and ticklers in my life, but this was a pleasure button that belonged in the record books.

I dived back between her thighs, took the clit between my lips and sucked gently on it. Wilma started to moan more and more intensely and stutteringly told me that I had to suck harder. I sucked as hard as I could now and let the big button roll between my teeth every now and then. She enjoyed this rough treatment, and it wasn’t long before I felt her lower body jerk, a sign that she was going to cum. The pussy juice flowed down my face and her thighs. Her pelvis turned violently and she squeezed her thighs hard, making it difficult for me to keep my head close to her cunt.

I managed to get a hand between her legs and drilled three fingers into her hungry hole. That was too much for her, she came with a whole series of primal screams. I have always fantasized about older women, but I never dreamed that I would meet one that was so hot and so horny. When her orgasm was over, I straightened up and noticed that the car had stopped. As soon as I started eating her, Wilma had pulled into a parking lot because she was afraid of losing control. She looked at me gratefully and told me that she had had horny fantasies about the two of us all day long. I said it was the same with me.

She leaned over and kissed me. My tongue slipped into her mouth, where our saliva and her pussy juice mingled. We wouldn’t be bothered by prying eyes, because it was now dark and our car was the only one in the dimly lit parking lot. Wilma broke away from our embrace and unbuttoned my pants. She deftly took out my erect cock. She leaned forward, and I felt her warm, full lips encircle my throbbing cock. When she started to suck, a horny feeling shot from my cock all the way to my toes. This woman knew exactly what she was doing. Slowly she took my cock further into her mouth, until it disappeared to the balls.

I now started thrusting my pelvis so that I literally fucked her in that hungry mouth. I felt that I would not keep this up for long. My seed boiled, and when she suddenly squeezed my balls hard, the hot stream came loose. Roaring loudly with pleasure I sprayed my load deep into her throat. She couldn’t keep up with swallowing and had to let go, causing the last blobs to fly against her cheek and slowly drip down to her chin. My dick slackened rapidly after this discharge and Wilma indicated that she had to go outside for a pee.

She got out and I followed her. Between a few bushes she took off her panties and squatted down with her skirt rolled up. I saw a steaming waterfall pouring out of her still open cunt, a beautiful sight. Because of the clattering sound I also needed to go and took my cock out of my pants again. As I stood in front of her, I aimed between her legs. “Surely you are not going to do that, are you”, Wilma exclaimed in alarm, but apparently she did not mind at all what was to come, because she fell backwards, leaning on her hands, and pissed off in my direction. When my yellow beam crossed hers, we both laughed at it.

The next moment when our beams of piss crossed, it exploded on her fat tickler, provoking a cry of delight. She looked at me horny and said defiantly: “I never thought you were such a pervert”. “I’ll show you, horny slut”, was my answer and I took a step closer, I now pissed right in her face.

My own reaction startled me for a moment, but the woman opened her mouth, which overflowed in seconds, the piss flowed down her chin to her chest, where two wet patches formed in her blouse around her tits. Apparently this woman like it a lot, because I saw her nipples getting hard and thick. I ran out of piss and now a horny scene in front of me made my dick fly up.

Wilma made no move to get up yet, so I dove on her and with a fierce motion rammed my fat cock into her wet crack. I tore open her blouse with both hands, the buttons jumping in all directions. I didn’t care. Her expensive bra also didn’t survive my attack and when this last piece of textile was removed, I hungrily nipped her tender tits. I tasted my own piss, a strange taste, but not bad and while I sucked on one of her thick nipples I pounded my cock with all my strength in her lower abdomen.

But that wasn’t enough for Wilma. She wrapped her legs around my lower back, setting the pace, faster and faster. I felt that I was going to cum again, but she felt it too, because just in time she pushed me away. She turned on her hands and knees and invitingly thrusted her fat ass in my direction. I crawled over to her and put my dick in front of her fuck hole and again I rammed it all the way in.

That did the trick. She came, screaming for more. I reached for one of her tits for extra hold and pounded harder, my balls ravaging her thick clit. Undoubtedly this was the best pussy fucking I had ever experienced and I felt I couldn’t postpone my orgasm any longer. However, I wanted her to cum again, because there is nothing better than cumming in a cramping pussy. I decided to use a trick that almost always works, so I ran my thumb across my balls, which was dripping from horny, and suddenly pushed it into her asshole.

It worked. Wilma threw her head back and let out a primal cry. I felt her butt and legs tense and her cunt muscles contracted pulsing around my burning cock. That was the last thing I needed. My toes arched and my fingers squeezed her fat ass almost to a pulp as I emptied my balls into her. There seemed to be no end to the rays of sperm, which filled her belly, but when it was over and her roars died down, I fell down exhausted on her warm, wet body.