The boat

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We, Marianne and my boyfriend Danny, were on a lake with our sailboat last summer. Exactly in the two weeks of that burning heatwave. Lovely the beautiful weather, but without some wind, we couldn’t really sail. We dropped the anchor and our days consisted from lying in the sun and swimming every now and then. But I started to bore us a bit and though about going into town for the evening.

When we returned to the boat with a taxi, after a nice night out, Danny was flirting the whole time. Which was probably due to my costume, I was wearing a sun dress with miniscule panties underneath. I probably had enjoyed the white wine during dinner a bit too much, I was pretty rosy and needed very little to get horny and of course he noticed that. He kissed me on my mouth and pushed in his tongue and with his other hand he went straight to my panties where I felt his fingers go past my lips through the thin fabric. Gosh, that was exciting, but wasn’t this going a bbit too far?

I looked through my half-opened eyes towards the driver and saw that he was looking exactly between my legs through his inside mirror. I closed my legs a bit and pushed Danny away from me, we couldn’t do this here. Danny took his hand away and put an arm around me. So he understood what I meant.

After 5 minutes the taxi pulled up at the marina and we paid and got out. The driver wished us a very pleasant evening. He said this very excited, we walked away to our jetty with a smile. But as we walked around the harbor master’s office, Danny suddenly grabbed me tightly and kissed me on the mouth. He pressed his lower body against me and I felt his growing cock pressing against my crotch. He lowered his hand back to my pussy and stroked my now soaking pussy through my panties.

I let myself go and started massaging his cock through his pants. He tried to enter my pussy but that did not really work, even small panties can get in the way. He pulled my panties down my legs and down to my ankles. Next he pushed a finger in my pussy and fondled a bit with my clit. It felt wonderful.

All of a sudden it became very light, I was shocked and quickly put my panties in my bag and pulled Danny along. Yes, that can happen in the high season when the harbor master does another round and needs a light. I felt my wet pussy as we walked down the jetty.

When we arrived at our boat there was another ship right behind ours, a young man sat alone on it. He said hello and asked if we had a nice evening. He asked if we wanted a drink on board with him and actually I said yes a bit too quick. I said yes too quickly because I suddenly realized that I was rather scantily dressed. But what would you do in a situation like this, so I just step on board. Danny helped me on board which I was quite happy with because the white wine had started doing it’s job. I saw the young man look what it probably made sense that a half-naked girl doesn’t get into your boat every day.

After introducing each other, his name was Alex, he asked what we wanted to drink. Yes, yes he had wine, but red wine, but wine is wine, so I drank wine and the men drank beer. We chatted a bit about the weather and about boats, but after my second glass it didn’t interest me that much anymore. I was very aware that Alex, a very nice guy by the way, was looking at me and especially at my legs. I secretly parted my legs to see how he reacted but he didn’t flinch. I got a bit bolder and shifted my position, my dress crawling up and my legs a little further apart.

I looked Alex straight in the eye for a moment and yes he got a color and quickly spoke to Danny about a roller-furling jib (that is a sail). Gosh, how excited I was. I asked Alex if he still had some wine and if I was allowed to grab some from the cabin. You go ahead, said Alex without looking at me. I entered the cabin and filled my glass again. Alex called, would you bring us a beer? And I reacted lightning fast with my answer, probably because of the wine I think. Were do you keep the beer, Alex?. A moment later I was in the small cabin with Alex who showed me where the beer was.

Do you open them, I asked him. As he opened the bottles, he hit me with his arm. I grabbed hold of Alex to keep from falling and I kept standing. But what happened to me. I felt his touch and a shudder went through my body. He noticed that because he pressed himself against me for a moment.

Back in the cockpit with I snuggled up close to Danny, he looked at me and smiled. On a whim I bounced up and kissed him full on the mouth, my dress almost up to my waist. I sat down again and looked at Alex but he only had eyes for my crotch. I turned a bit and spread my legs slightly. Now Alex looked at my pussy. I spread my legs a little more. I was so horny. I set against Danny and rested my head against his chest as I moved my hand towards his cock. Oh how I really wanted to feel a hard cock.

Danny lifted my head from his chest and looked at me with a questioning look in eyes and I shrugged and licked my lips. He knows that when I do that, I’m terribly horny. In the meantime, I kneaded his cock that had become bullet-hard. With my other hand I lifted my dress further so that Alex could see my cunt. I turned so that I could get Danny’s cock out of his pants. I smelled the masculine scent and went crazy, this hard cock had to go into my mouth. Delicious, finally a cock that I could touch.

While I sucked on Danny’s cock I moved my other hand to my wet slit. Gosh how wet it was and how horny I was. I briefly put a finger in my soaking wet pussy. You could hear it splashing, I slid off the couch so I could give Danny a better blowjob. I bumped into Alex who grabbed my buttocks and while I was sucking, Alex stroked my buttocks. He got a bit overconfident because his hands went to my soaking wet cunt and he immediately put a finger in my pussy, which gave me a little cry of pleasure. Danny looked past me and saw what was happening and that I loved it.

Danny pulled my dress all the way up now and I let his dick slip out of my mouth to put the dress over my head. Yes, there I was, naked in the middle of the night on a strange boat with two wonderful men who definitely wanted to help me to get rid of my horny mood. I turned so I could focus on Alex for a moment. I was curious about his cock. I untied his pants and pulled it down right away, boxershort and all. His cock was erect and the first drops of precum were already hanging on it. He must have been so horny, I thought and I moved forward to suck his cock. His cock was a lot bigger than my boyfriend’s. I had a hard time with it in the beginning but now I got used to it and started moving my lips tightly around its massive pole which resulted in a loud moan. Danny massaged my tits and was riding against my buttocks with his cock.

I moved my butt against him, hoping he would ram his cock into my soaking wet cunt. I lifted my leg slightly so that his cock would touch my pussy, but Danny my sweet Danny thrusted his nice hard cock into my horny box all at once. I practically screamed with pleasure, my god I had longed for this. I growled with that big cock in my mouth and came after three thrusts from Danny. But I was not done yet. I was so horny. Suddenly Danny stopped and pushed me aside. He told me to swap. I looked at him and saw his horny look. I turned around and took my Danny’s cock inside my mouth which was soaked with my own horny.

Alex didn’t let himself be told twice and started to drive his very big cock inside me. I gasped for air and had to relax to get his big cock in, but it went. He was very careful and thrusted very slowly and steadily increasing the pace. God how horny this was. I came again, hoping it would never stopped. Faster and faster Alex would thrust his cock into my soaking wet stretched cunt. With each thrust I got Danny’s cock up the back of my throat, faster and faster that big cock pumped into my cunt and faster and faster I moved my lips around that other cock. Suddenly I started to shake beyond normal. I didn’t know what happened but I exploded and cummed terribly while behind me Alex squirted his load into my stretched cunt. I did something I had never done before. I held Danny’s cock in my mouth and when he came wave after wave I felt it flowing into my mouth. I had to open my mouth half way to avoid choking.

Terribly delicious and vibrating I sink to the bottom of the cockpit. Everywhere I felt semen sprouting. I feel that my whole body is covered with cum and after recovering I ask the boys if it good? I loved it. Delicious two of those cocks in my body and you, Alex? Really nice said Alex and Danny agreed.