The big holiday party

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It was finally time, we went on vacation, me and my other comrade. We just wanted to party and it worked. After two days of driving we had arrived where we wanted to go. We went to the campsite and set up our tent. A beautiful tent with 2 double beds. Anyway we weren’t going to do much that night and lingered a bit.

It was a good thing we didn’t do anything that night because four beautiful ladies just arrived who had a very large tent for six people. We kept a little close attention to how they were setting up their tent and we had a few drinks.

After an hour we went for a swim and when we got there it was a nice big pool, it was also pretty quiet. After an hour or two we went back to the tent. We changed our clothes and to our surprise we saw that the girls were gone.

It looked like they were gone, but we went there to have a look and it turned out they were still in the car. Me and my comrade asked if we could help them but they had a better idea. We helped them with setting up the tent and then that night the six of us went to a disco nearby.

When we returned to the campsite, we first invited them to us to have a drink. Soon they turned out to be laughing at everything we said. That night at the disco all four seemed to be interested in us. Two of the girls wanted to go back to their tent, my comrade joint the two girls. And I stayed with the other two girls in our tent.

That night started well, one of the girls started to masturbate herself and they started playing with each other and I had to watch. Wasn’t really fun but okay, I had to. They packed a suitcase and unpacked toys and in the meantime my pole started to grow quite a bit.

I went to them and started kissing one. I suddenly felt a hand go to my pole and the other girl started to suck me. I didn’t knew what was happening, not just one girl but at the first day of my vacation already two girls at the same time.

It soon became apparent why they were playing with each other and why we each had two girls hanging on our dicks. As it turned out to be lesbians, but you won’t hear me complaining. Soon I got the hang of it and started licking them and while I licked the other started sucking me off. A lovely sight.

I started caressing and licking them and soon I came and they took the cum from each others mouth and swallowed it. From that moment on they wanted to cum too, I started to spoil them both so hard. I just couldn’t stop and then we were tired and went to sleep.

The next day I woke up completely crazy. I saw the two girls playing with each other and one was playing with me and said “Hello sleepyhead, I want you to drive me crazy”. It went on like this for another two weeks and my comrade and I still think about it every day.