That one time when everything happened

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Hi everyone, I am Jake and I am 20 years old. I was once home alone, my parents had to go away for something and I was alone for 8 hours. Not long after my parents left, the doorbell rang. It was a girl from my class. She said she was nearby and came by for fun. I said it was good. She came in and I closed the door.

I turned and she suddenly started to kiss me. I thought it was nice and participated. Not much later she asked if I wanted to do more and I wanted more so we went upstairs to my room. She took off all her clothes. Me too of course and she lay down on my bed with legs wide and I started eating her. Which was so good because she had shaved all her pubic hair away.

After she came, I stopped. She got up and she said what a hard, nice, big cock you have and she grabbed it and started to give me a blowjob and faster and faster, she gave me a blowjob to remember for ever. It was so delicious. When I came and she swallowed everything down I was still turned on by her and asked if she wanted to suck me again. She didn’t let herself be told twice and started sucking my hard dick.

I had to cum again but she stopped she lay on her back and asked if I could sit on her. With pleasure, of course. She grabbed my dick and put it between her big tits and started massaging my dick with her tits and she succeeded very well. She just about squeezed my dick and a good load of cum came out and went towards her mouth. She loved it. I grabbed her tits and started to lick them clean and she put her finger with her long nails in my ass.

Then she got on all fours and I started to drill her. Increasingly harder, my hard cock went in further and further. At one point I almost took it out, just that my head was still in that pussy and gave her a huge punch. She enjoyingly screamed it out. I had dumped my load with big shocks of cum in her pussy and some ran out it, which of course I licked up later.

She asked if I wanted to finger her and I put 2 fingers in her nice pussy. She groaned and groaned she loved it. Her big tits lay on my stomach and she started sucking me off. Very hard and I started fingering her harder and harder when we both came it was enough and she went home again.