That first time

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I am an 18 year old girl. About a year ago I really experienced something blissful that I will never forget. I have a 20 year old boy living next door. His girlfriend had gone to work and he called me because he had a surprise for me.

I rang the bell and asked why I had to come by. He said he had a surprise and that is why he had to blindfold me. I thought it was weird, but he really persisted. So I let myself be blindfolded. Once he put the blindfold on he led me to his bedroom, which had been darkened as far as I could tell.

He said that he had decorated his room completely and that I could see it afterwards with a glass of wine or something. Of course I agreed. He grabbed me and put me on the bed. Gently he started to kiss me all over my body. He opened my blouse and tore my bra off my breasts. He started sucking on my breasts and then quietly went further down.

He licked my pussy until I almost came. I grabbed his rock-hard cock and started sucking on it. He loved that. I myself had never had sex before and I actually wanted to keep it that way for a while. But he parted my legs and shoved his hard cock gently into my pussy. I thought I was dying and I asked him to stop but he didn’t.

It went from slow to louder and louder. He punched his dick in my still tender pussy. I groaned and came. He lifted my two legs and he also rammed his cock into my ass which I didn’t like so much. He said he was not allowed to do this with his girlfriend so he wanted to do it with me. Of course I couldn’t do anything about it anymore.

While he fucked me really hard in my asshole I was fingering myself. Actually, I enjoyed it. Anal would just hurt. So yes, I had to do something to be able to handle it.

I jerked off his dick and he sprayed all the nice cum all over my breasts. He smeared it and massaged me with it, that was really hot. It made me horny and sat back on top of him and raged like an animal on his rock hard dick.

While he was fucking me he licked my breasts which were full of cum. I couldn’t go on anymore but he wanted more. He grabbed me and lifted me up against the wall. He put his dick deep in my pussy and fucked me until I almost passed out.

We went on like this for a while. If only I could experience that first time again.