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One day I was enjoying the sun on a terrace. Who I would meet? My ex girlfriend and her boyfriend! There was also a beautiful brunette. They sat down. I couldn’t take my eyes off Ellen (the brunette) and apparently neither could she.

Suddenly I felt a hand slide over my leg. That delicious scepter of mine had a hard time sitting still. A little later I receive a phone call from a customer of mine. I had to leave urgently. I said that to my friends and they asked if I would come back. I said yes, but Ellen didn’t believe it and she said “I’ll ride with you”.

We were in the car, it was quiet. The radio played very softly and then suddenly I felt that hand go over my leg and I looked at her. She said nothing and unbuttoned my pants until my delicious club came out.

She began to caress him gently. I had a hard time keeping my car straight on the track. She pulled my pants open further and started giving me a nice blowjob. Then that rotten cell phone rang again. It was that same customer to say everything was fine. I immediately drove to a remote place. I flattened the back seat and she started to suck me back until I almost cum.

Only then did I start undressing her. What a nice pair of breasts she had. I started to kiss her. She started fidgeting with my rod again and I started fingering her nicely and she moaned with pleasure. Then she suggested trying a 69.

She was completely horny, the juices just dripped off and it was so good. She kept going and so did I until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I filled her mouth so much she couldn’t even swallow it. I went on myself until she came. After this we continued for another hour.

I had never had such good sex before. Of course we went for a drink with my ex afterwards. For two years now I have a good and nice sex relationship. We’ve been together for over two years now and everything is still the same. I’m still head over heels in love with her.