Sylvia's sensation

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Because I love almost all kinds of sex and know almost no taboos, my boyfriend sometimes arranges something horny for me. On Friday evening my boyfriend asked if I wanted to dress sexy with a short skirt, suspenders, stockings, pumps and a see-through blouse because we are visiting a friend of his. Of course I did this for him and I looked sexy after I had put on some make-up and changed into my slutty outfit. You can see my breasts through the blouse, and when I bend down you can look at my delicious shaved pussy.

We left around nine o’clock by car in the direction of Lisse where his friend Rick lives, and while driving I noticed that my friend was getting quite excited, and occasionally stroked my bald pussy and massaged my breasts… I saw he already had a big bulge in his pants and I felt I was getting wet. When we arrived at his friend Rick, a total surprise awaited me, Rick told me to put on a blindfold. He guided me to the livingroom where it was nice and comfortable and all the time while walking he was feeling my wet pussy and I heard him afterwards licking his finger and was told that I tasted good.

“So, Sylvia” Rick said. There you go. I didn’t get it at all until my friend told me that there were 8 men in the room that Rick arranged through an advertisement in a well-known sex magazine. My friend told me to hold on to a kind of pillar so that the men could introduce themselfs in a very special way. The men took turns thrusting their cock into my already wet pussy and told me their names.

After all eight had introduced themselves, they wanted to admire my body and I had to take all kinds of positions to let them enjoy the view. In the meantime I gave a little strip show while taking off my skirt and blouse. I was almost naked, except for my suspenders, stockings and pumps. There were comments from all over that I was sexy, and a horny whore and slut with a delicious shaved pussy.

A voice told me to lie on the carpet on my back and handed me a long and thick candle with which I had to perform to cheer them on. I didn’t really care anymore and started my self-gratification act and slowly I started licking the candle and stroking it over my breasts and down to my already dripping cunt, stroking my bald and already swollen lips and putting the tip of the candle inside me. The men cheered for more and I fucked myself nice and deep in my pussy with the candle as I felt hands caressing all over my body. My hard nipples and tits were kneaded, my pussy was being caressed, it is lovely to be touched by so many hands and I felt myself getting hotter and hotter.

A firm hand took the candle from my hands and started to fuck me hard with it, screaming that I wanted more and more. The men didn’t waited even a second and I got a cock put in my mouth. I licked along his firm cock and then up to work his head with my tongue, I turn it around and then I took it in my mouth and start sucking it gently and deep. I feel more cocks around me and I take them in my hands, stroke their balls and make gentle pulling movements. Mmmm they were all deliciously hard and felt like a slut.

One guy sat above me and pressed his hard cock between my tits and started to titfuck me, I still have a cock in my mouth and sucked it like a whore. I already started tasting some cum coming out of his tense cock. Suddenly I feel thick rays of sperm spray against my tongue and I swallowed as much as possible. The man between my tits started panting heavily, he also sprayed on my tits and my face. I kept my mouth wide open to catch some rays and meanwhile I still feel a cock pumping deep in and out of my wet cunt and he squirts deep inside me and goes on for a while.

The others around me took over for the men who already cummed and again I got hard rods in my mouth and pussy. I willingly openend my thighs and mouth to get fucked. This cock is a bit thicker than the last and I feel my bare lips tight around his cock, I scream that they have to wear me out and use as me. I sucked the cock in my mouth again, long deep strokes on his cock, I suck him completely empty. In the meantime I pull on two cocks next to me and say that I want to be fucked like a bitch, and they all said that I will get what I wanted and I felt cum all over my body. I felt it on my tits, squirting against my face and also held my mouth wide open to catch as much of their cum. I feel like a cumslut.

The men just want to keep going, I had to lay on my stomach and my ass up like a dog. I get a cock in my pussy again. I don’t understand that the men can continue and they pump hard in my wat cunt, I feel at this position that he bumps against my uterus and I shout at him to use my horny bald whore’s cunt. Meanwhile a man crawled under me and put the dick in me from behind. This fills my willing cunt so much, two cocks deep in my cunt. My lips tighten around the two cocks and I am glad that my cunt is still full of cum from the other men otherwise I could not have had this. They fuck me wonderfully deep and I heard them say to each other that they are going to cum at the same time. Just the thoughts make me totally want and willingly join the fuck, I hear one of the men panting heavily and shouting that he is almost cumming, “me too” shouted the other and both of them at the same time emptied their balls completely into me.

When I turn myself over on my back to rest, I felt the men standing around me and heard all kinds of sentences to my friend that I was a horny bitch, and a cumslut. I felt completely worn out and my lips are painfull, the semen keeps running out and this must have been a pretty sight because I heard the men talking about this.

“So” my friend told me, get down on your knees and make all our cocks stiff with your hands and mouth, then they can all squirt in your mouth. I started on my knees looking by touch for the cocks and started jerking and suck hard. I heard they agree to all cum in my face at once and this also happened a few minutes later. One pulled my head back by my hair so that my mouth opened and I felt the sperm drip into my mouth from all sides. “Swallow bitch”, said my friend and I had to swallow several times to get all the sperm down.

After the men had emptied their balls in my mouth, my friend told me I had to dress myself again to go home. I got dressed and felt all my clothes stick to my body and now I am standing up, with cunt juices and sperm running down my thighs. When I had to put on the blindfold I was wondering if I could take it off, because I wanted to see what the men looked like, but my friend pulled me to the car. Once I got to the car my friend took off the blindfold and smiled at me. “You don’t get to look, honey”, he said and when I looked in the mirror I saw that my hair and face were all covered with cum, my make-up was running and my hair haggard. I could still feel sperm running out of my pussy and the chair underneath me getting wet.

When I arrived home my boyfriend threw me on the couch and put his already hard cock in my still dripping cunt and emptied himself, now you can enjoy the peace. I took a nice long shower to relax. What an evening, I will often think back to it.

Love Sylvia