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After high school, I quickly decided that I wanted to live in college. Sitting with my parents every day seemed like nothing to me, besides, they thought of every boy I brought that I was sleeping with him. But I wasn’t that kind of girl, I was even a virgin. So I went to another city to study. Fortunately, I found a room through a girl I met. I now had a nice big room in a house with two other girls, who had been studying for some time, Linda and Mariska. We also had a large communal living room.

After about a month I came back late from class, we had had a drink and it was already near midnight, but I didn’t care. I didn’t have parents to watch me anyway. When I walked into the living room to get some more stuff, Linda and Mariska were still sitting in front of the TV. “Well,” said Linda, “there you have our latecomer. Where did you come from now?” “Oh, from the pub,” I said, taking my things off the table. “Did you enjoy it?” Linda wanted to know. “Oh well, you know that having a nice drink together, it will automatically become fun. Only some guy kept staring at me, the creep.” “I can imagine something about that.” said Mariska, getting up and going to the kitchen. “You want a glass of wine too, Angie?” “I actually just wanted to go to bed” “We’ll go right after, come on have another drink with us.” I gave in and sat down on the couch next to Linda. Mariska also sat next to me and we drank our wine and talked about the lectures we attended. A second and third glass of wine also followed.

Suddenly Linda got up and turned off the TV, “So, I’m going to bed.” she said, “You too?”. “Yes, we should go too.”, said Mariska, “Come on Angie.”. She picked me up like that, which is not that difficult for her, because she is very strong. I thought it was funny and just let her. To my surprise, she walked into her own bedroom and laid me down on her bed. “Wrong door”, I said and started to get up. “No” and she started to undress, “you will sleep with me tonight. I am afraid of the dark and my night light is broken.”. I thought it was a strange story, but hey, what harm it could do.

So I lay down and watched Mariska undress. Mariska always wore wide sweaters, pants and skirts and I wanted to see her naked. Was she actually fat or not? Her breasts appeared under her sweater. Well there they were. Nice firm tits, about the same size as mine or even bigger. And her nipples were big too, like really big strawberries. She kicked off her slippers and took off her pants too. There, two slender long legs emerged. She wasn’t exactly fat. She also took off her panties and I could see her lips between the pubic hair. What a girl! And what a body! If I was a boy I would know what to do!

She slid onto the double bed next to me and looked at me. “Wouldn’t you take off your clothes too?”. “Yes, I’ll get my nightgown right away”, I said and stood up. “Come on, I’m not wearing anything either. You really won’t get cold without that shirt. And besides, it’s not that warm either. If you get cold, you just crawl against me.”. I laughed and started to undress. I thought it was embarrassing and didn’t look at the bed where Mariska lay. With only panties on I crawled between the sheets. It was a bit uncomfortable in that strange bed and next to a woman. I turned my back to Mariska. Mariska turned off the light. “Goodnight Angie.” “Good night.” I slowly fell asleep.

It had been a long day and I wasn’t used to that much alcohol. Suddenly I felt a hand on my hip. I pushed the hand away and tried to sleep again. But the hand kept coming back. After the third time I turned and looked at Mariska. She seemed to be sleeping so she must have been dreaming a bit. There came that hand again. It slowly slid into my panties. I felt my nipples get hard and my pussy got wet. I pushed her hand away, but it came back again. Now on my chest and on my nipple. I heard a soft chuckle next to me as the hand massaged my nipple. “So you like it?” and Mariska slid close to me. I felt two nipples prick my back. So she didn’t do it in her sleep, but on purpose. I was shocked and wanted to push her hand away, but she was ahead of me.

She turned me over on my back and sat on me, now massaging my breasts with both hands. I saw her tits sway from the violent movements. “No”, I said, “I don’t want to. Don’t do that now”. “I feel you like it”, and she slipped one hand into my pants. My cunt was soaking wet! “Don’t!”, I called louder, but she kept going. Suddenly the door opened and Linda entered. “What is happening?” She came to the bed and saw me. She laughed and leaned forward. I saw that she was naked too and her breasts were close to my head. Suddenly she kissed me full on my mouth. In a reflex, I kissed her back and felt her tongue twirl around mine. “She likes it,” I heard Mariska say and she suddenly squeezed my nipple. My mouth came loose from Linda and I yelled. I wanted to push her away, but Linda grabbed my hands.

“Dirty slut, get off me!”, I tried to push her away with my legs, but that didn’t work either. Now she felt my labia again, I felt her finger slide over my lips. I got wetter and my breathing got heavier. I was raped in my own home! By my own friends! “Dirty bitch, get your hands off my cunt.” “What nice tits,” said Mariska, “shall I squeeze your nipple again?” And again there was that pain. I wanted to push her away with my hands, but Linda had handcuffed them to the bed. It was getting scarier, I lost it. Suddenly I felt ropes around my legs. I tried to pull myself free, but Linda and Mariska held my legs together and tied them wide apart at the foot of the bed. Now I got really scared.

“Sluts, filthy bitches! Let me go. Get off me.” Mariska left me and lay down next to me. Linda crawled between my legs. I couldn’t see what she was doing because my breasts were in the way. Suddenly I felt her tongue on my clit, what a feeling. I was getting wetter, meanwhile there was no dry thread on my panties. The tongue disappeared and I felt two hands in my panties. Linda ripped the thong off my body and there was her tongue again. Oh, how hot it was. Mariska’s mouth came on my nipples and she started to lick them. First one, then the other. This was new to me, two girls who licked me all over. I liked it so much, I started shaking all over my body. I had my first screaming orgasm. I felt Linda doing her best to absorb all the moisture. Now Mariska started biting my nipples, not hard, but it did hurt. I didn’t feel much of it though, because I was cumming again, it was that horny.

Linda kept sucking and licking, her whole face shining with moisture as she came up. “You see, it is not too bad, or did you not like it?” I nodded, it was great. I closed my eyes exhausted. “Oh no, you won’t get rid of us that fast,” said Mariska and she crawled on top of me. “I want to cum too, come on, lick it!” Her pussy appeared above my mouth. This was going too far and I did nothing. I wasn’t going to lick a woman. Slowly she lowered herself and her labia majora sagged around my mouth. I had nowhere to go and almost suffocated. Then I opened my mouth. Something trickled in and I tasted, this was delicious. I wanted more and started to lick.

Mariska started to drive back and forth on my face and was getting hornier. Linda was now sucking on my tits and I felt her hand on my cunt. I also got wilder and started to shake more and more. Suddenly a whole load of horny poured out of Mariska’s cunt and I had to swallow hard to avoid drowning. This made me so horny that I came again and Linda dove into my cunt to slump everything down again. Mariska climbed off me and helped Linda to get everything out. Now they started to lick my pussy together and I couldn’t move. I wanted to kiss them. Then Linda floated above my face and I stretched to get to her pussy. “She really likes it, look, Mariska.” Mariska sat next to my head and laughed. “She probably wants you to get rid of us.” “No,” I shouted, “come here with that horny cunt.”

The girls laughed and Linda sat on me. What a small hole! I pushed my tongue against her pussy and started licking it. I sucked and licked her as hard as I could. Shocking and screaming she came: “Aaaah, horny bitch, you know how to lick. Ooooh, how horny. Oooh, Aaah, please Aaangie. Hold on to me Mariska, I’m cumming!” Mariska climbed on me too and now I had two cunts in front of my face. I took turns licking them until both girls fell off me. They were kissing next to me. Linda turned and began to lick Mariska, who licked her in turn. Both licked the hardest and neither wanted to be inferior to the other. First Mariska came and soon after Linda. She screamed again. “Ooooh, my cunt is on fire. I’m so hot.” I asked her to sit on me so I could cool her pussy with my tongue.

I gently kissed her pussy lips and stroked her clit with my tongue. Mariska came over me and let Linda extensively eat her pussy. The moisture ran out and now I got the moisture from both in my mouth. I was getting hornier, especially when Mariska came. The juice gushed from her cunt all over my face. Mariska stepped away and I concentrated on Linda again. She moaned softly under the touch of my mouth and tongue. “Oooh you are doing it so good. So horny.” I kept licking her and wanted to cum myself. “Mariska, where are you? I want too. Lick me. Please.” “I have something much better” it came from the corner of the room and I felt her settle between my legs. She pushed my lips apart and suddenly I felt something hard slide into my cunt.

A dildo! “No, don’t, I’m still a virgin,” I shouted, but it didn’t help the dildo was going deeper. How long was that thing! It hurt and I felt my pussy stretch, because it wasn’t a small dildo. Suddenly the dildo started to vibrate. A vibrator! I got hornier and started licking Linda even more. Mariska meanwhile helped the vibrator a hand and licked my clit. I came and came and came. In the meantime Linda came too and my mouth overflowed with her horny. She screamed again and started kissing me, but soon her tongue dropped and she helped Mariska.

I came more and more violently. It was so horny. I shook violently and saw my tits move like shaking puddings, with two cherries on them. No, even two large cherries. I had never seen my nipples this big. I came so violently that I fell asleep exhausted. I felt a hand shake me. “Wake up, Angie.” I felt myself disconnected and saw Linda’s face above mine. She asked, “So how was it?” “Great” I replied. “I told you so?” That night the three of us slept close together in Mariska’s bed. And I dreamed of this night for a long time.

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