Students 3

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One morning I was home alone with Linda. Mariska had gone to college and we both had the day off. Because we were not in a hurry, we sat together in front of the TV. Linda turned to me and said, “Do you have any plans for today?” “No you?” “No, but I know something to do.” And slowly her face came closer. I felt her hands slide under my sweater. She started to massage my nipples. I sat back and pulled Linda with me. Our mouths and tongues met and my hands crawled under her skirt. She had no panties on!

Slowly I put a finger in her pussy. It was already quite moist, so she had been horny for a while. Linda took off my sweater and started sucking on my bare breasts. The nipples got even harder. I put a second finger in her tight cunt. It just fit, quite different from Mariska’s big cunt, which could easily fit two cocks, as she always said herself. Linda’s blouse also disappeared to the ground. She was wearing a white lace bra, but I could tell it was too small for her, because her big tits were almost bulging out.

I took my fingers out of her cunt and took off the bra. Her nipples were hard and I put one in my mouth. I began to work the other with my hand. It was such a horny feeling. Linda’s hands moved to my hips and I felt her unbutton my pants. It was difficult, because it was a tight pants. I had put it on because I knew Linda loved seeing those pants tight around my ass when I bent over. She had often patted my ass as a reward. She took off my pants and lay back on me. Our mouths met and we played with each other’s tongues.

Linda’s hand disappeared into my thong and she started to work my clit. Excitedly, I started kissing her even more. Suddenly I noticed a shadow in front of the window. I was startled and looked up. The window cleaner, I completely forgot! I saw him watching us and made a quick decision. I walked to the door, while Linda was left on the sofa. She made kisses to the young man. I opened the door and asked him to come in. I saw that he was a bit hesitant, but insisted more and more. Finally he came in.

I took his coat and led him into the room. Linda jumped on him almost immediately and began to take off his clothes. I saw in his eyes that he wanted and dived with my mouth between his legs. I had seen a cock before, but I had never taken one in my mouth. So I started stroking his cock with my hands. He moaned softly until Linda covered his mouth with hers. I thought it would be better to go to my bedroom because we had more space there. So the three of us went upstairs. Linda pushed the boy onto the bed and started sucking his cock. I never thought it could fit in her mouth because it was so big.

I sat with my pussy in front of his mouth and he started to lick me, that was good. He licked my hole and my clit with his tongue. That tongue was everywhere, it was such a wonderful feeling. I looked around and saw Linda sucking and licking. She licked the cock all over with her wet tongue. After a while Linda said, “Switch.” Hesitantly, I climbed off the boy and took my mouth to his cock. I carefully took it into my mouth. Linda saw me hesitate and said, “Take it all the way up that mouth of yours.” I said it didn’t fit, but Linda pushed my head until I had the whole cock in my mouth. I almost choked. “And now suck”, said Linda. She crawled on top of the boy herself and let herself be licked extensively.

I licked and sucked the dick in my mouth and heard Linda moan in the meantime. Suddenly she started screaming, “Oooh yes, I’m cumming! Yes, more. Lick me.” Underneath me the cock started to jerk too and it squirted into my mouth. I tasted his cum in my mouth and felt it dripping from the corners of my mouth. I sucked until everything was gone and his cock was clean.

Linda had lay down next to the boy and I was crawling on top of him. He also had to lick me to orgasm. Because of everything we had experienced so far I was already hot and a short time later I came too. His face was covered with my horny, I came so violently. “You two are great,” he said while starting to lick my breasts. “But I want to fuck your tits.” I slid off him and he climbed onto Linda. He stuck his cock between her huge tits. Linda pressed her melons together and he started to fuck. Linda’s tits shook violently under this pressure.

I slid between Linda’s legs and started eating her. She groaned with pleasure. He also started to moan and I felt that he would soon squirt. I didn’t want to miss any of it and got up next to the bed while fingering Linda. His cock exploded. The whole load of white cum squirted all over Linda’s face. She tried to catch and lick as much as possible. I was happy to help her with that now that I had tasted his cum.

Soon after he grabbed me and put me on my back. He climbed on me and started riding my tits. Before long I felt Linda’s tongue lick my clit. I saw his cock move. The first moisture came out and soon my whole face was covered. Linda started to lick it off while our window cleaner got dressed. Linda’s tongue slipped down and she turned so that I could see her pussy. Together we headed for our final highlight of this session, with the outside door slamming down below. The next day we canceled the window cleaners. From now on we will wash the windows ourselves again to avoid surprises.