Students 2

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After our last adventure, where I lost my virginity, we often had fun with the three of us, Linda, Mariska and me. It was always great, but always different. Sometimes we did it with just the two of us and very occasionally we filmed each other. We kept trying to surprise each other. One night when I was sleeping, I suddenly woke up to a scream. It came out of Linda and it sounded like she was in real pain. I quickly got up and walked to Linda’s room in my nightgown. When I opened the door I was shocked. Linda was tied naked to the bed, just like me the first time. But Mariska was not sitting on her or between her legs. No, Mariska was standing next to the bed with a whip in her hands. Judging from the welts on Linda’s stomach, she had already struck a number of times. I got scared.

“Why were you home so late? We had a deal, right?” said Mariska. “Yes, Mariska” said Linda. “You had to be with a guy again, bitch!” Pats, there went the whip. “Oh, no. I just had a flat tire.” “I don’t believe any of that.” Pats! “It’s really true,” Linda sobbed. “No, that’s not it.” Pats!. “Say you got screwed by a guy.” “No.” Pats. “If that’s what you want so badly. I got screwed.” “You see. That filthy cunt of yours was horny again for sure.” Pats! “Ouch, yes.” “Next time you come to me. I’ll give you what you deserve.” Pats! I got warm inside when I saw them like that, but also afraid of Mariska. Still, my hand slipped into my panties and I started fingering myself. It was such a horny sight too, Linda on the bed with her nipples so erect, on top of those big tits of hers.

Now Mariska spotted me. “Don’t stand there peeping like that, bitch. Better help me.” I didn’t feel like it. This was enough for me, I was not going to hurt Linda, she was always so soft and so sweet to me. Mariska walked up to me and slipped past me. She quickly locked the room door and threw the key away. Now I was locked up. I got really scared. “Get between Linda’s legs and lick her.” I obeyed and started eating Linda. Linda began to squirm at the touch of my tongue and she got wetter still. Suddenly I felt a burning pain on my butt. Pats, there was Mariska with her whip. I turned and looked at her. She struck again. “Lick, I command you and you listen.” I wanted to say something, but Mariska hit again and I just obeyed. I couldn’t beat Mariska anyway. I licked and licked. Meanwhile, Mariska continued to work my ass with her whip. After a while my whole ass felt warm from the blows.

Linda came and I stopped licking. Mariska grabbed me and pushed me aside. “Sit there and watch.” She started pounding Linda’s tits with her whip. Linda screamed, but I didn’t dare to do anything. Her tits got redder and her nipples stiffened. Then Mariska started to suck on it. Linda said something in a soft voice, but suddenly she screamed again. Mariska started biting her. She bit the nipples and pulled them up as far as she could. Linda tried to lift her body to ease the pain, but it didn’t help. She screamed and tears ran down her cheeks. I now saw that Mariska’s panties were soaking wet. She was apparently turned on by this. I actually did and I started fingering myself. I heard Linda scream and moan. Suddenly she began to shout even louder. “Oooh, I’m coming. Yeah, I’m coming. Aaah, more, more, more.” Linda liked this? It didn’t seem like fun to me.

Mariska looked at me and saw that I was fingering. “Don’t play with yourself. Come here on the bed.” I sat down right next to her. She pushed me over and sat on me. She grabbed my arms and tied my wrists to the bed. No, I didn’t want this. I tried to kick her off, but she was too strong. She also tied my feet and there I was, next to Linda. “Now it’s your turn. I’ll punish you, because you can’t just finger yourself when you want.” “Don’t do it,” I begged, but it was too late. She picked up something from the nightstand and put it on my nipples. I started to scream in pain. Nipple clamps, I had heard of them, but never seen them. It hurt so much. Mariska started pulling on the clamps and my nipples were stretched. The pain became unbearable and I started to cry. My tits were stretched like those saggy sagging breasts.

Mariska let go again and started patting my pussy with her flat hand. “Ouch, don’t do that, Mariska.” Mariska turned and started pulling the clamps again. “I’m the boss and you listen to me. Understood?” “Yes, Mariska.” I came from fear and pain. I actually thought it was strange, because it was so weird, all that pain and yet I came. Mariska went back to Linda and also did nipple clamps on her tits. She did something with it, but because of my tears I couldn’t see exactly what. Then she untied Linda and raised her up. Now I saw what Mariska had done. Weights hung from Linda’s nipple clamps. Her breasts were stretched and Linda wanted to sit down again. Now, however, she got the whip on her butt. “Stay standing. You must feel that you are being punished.” Linda grimaced in pain and stopped. The horny flowed down her legs as she came. “You like that, don’t you?” said Mariska, “come on swing those tits. Let those melons move.”

Slowly Linda began to swing her breasts from side to side. The movements stretched her breasts even further. They seemed two or three times their size. But this was not enough for Mariska. She stepped behind Linda and said, “Louder. Swing a little higher.” She started hitting Linda on her butt with the whip. Linda started to cry more and more and her horny flowed more and more violently. Eventually she started screaming and collapsed to the ground. Mariska looked at her and let her lie. She jumped on the bed like that and sat on me. “So bitch. And now it’s your turn.” She pulled the nipple clamps again and stretched my breasts further. She put the whip in my pussy and used it as a dildo. I felt the thing go wildly back and forth inside me. Time and again I came from the pain and the pleasure. Mariska also came again. I felt it, because it was getting wetter on my stomach, it was also horny juices from her pussy. When I came for the umpteenth time, Mariska saw that Linda had regained consciousness.

She released the nipple clamps and let Linda sit on my face. “Lick that wet cunt. Show her what you want.” I licked and licked Linda’s pussy. Mariska whispered in Linda’s ear and suddenly I felt pain in my breasts again. Now Linda was pulling the clamps. I got so horny I came again. Meanwhile, Mariska sucked on Linda’s melon tits, which were all red. Now Mariska also untied my hands and ordered me to finger her. Together we peaked three more times, then Mariska got up and untied me. She pulled me up with the nipple clamps before putting them away. “Get out, Angie. You had your fun. I’m going to give Linda a nice fuck.” She gave me four more taps with the whip before I fled the room, crying with pain and emotion. I can only guess what the other two were doing, because I fell into a deep sleep on my bed. .

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