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I am Nico and I’m 18 years old, I have been friends with Eric for many years. We meet a lot and often go out together on Saturdays. The following happened last summer. I had quite a few problems with my maths and since Eric is an expert in that, I got on my scooter and headed for Eric. I rang the doorbell and Eric’s mother opened the door. Hello again, I have some trouble with my math. Oh that’s a problem indeed, she said, but Eric is not here right now. Gosh, I have to hand in my homework tomorrow, then it won’t be done in time.

Well come on in and I’ll help you. I have nothing to do for the rest of the afternoon. Are you good at maths? Yes of course, who do you think has thought it to Eric, she laughed. You never discuss anything with an old mother. I laughed and said, “Old? You’re not that old, are you?” “Oh no, boy. How old do you think I am?” Well, maybe 31 years old? I was exaggerating a bit. I was afraid I would estimate her too old. She laughs, you’re a ass kisser. You just say that because you need me, don’t you? I am actually 43 years old, and quite old. No you’re really not, I think you look really good and beautiful. Yeah right, she said, in a moment you will say that you have fallen in love with me. No, I’m not saying that, but I could very well fall in love. To an old woman? Please stop. You are not old at all and you have a perfect figure. Many young lads will still get hard from you.

My own words startled me and my head turned bright red. How do you dare to say that? To your best friend’s mother. I stuttered and I said, I’m sorry ma’am. I felt very embarrassed. Well let’s forget about it. I’ll make some tea for us. Please, ma’am. She was in the kitchen and the whole situation had excited me. In my mind I saw her standing there, slim, large breasts and a beautiful body. Without realizing myself, I lowered my hand to caress my crotch.

I sat with my back to the kitchen and did not see that she came back out of the kitchen again. “Are you done?”, she asked. I was shocked to death. I tried to hide my boner with my hand and asked; what do you mean? What do you mean? You’re almost jerking yourself off in my room. No, ma’am, I’m really not. Oh no? She sat down next to me and said, take your hand away. I took my hand away and there was a big bulge in my pants. And what about that? Oh.. that’s not… He always is like this. If so then you have a real big dick and I want to see it now! Madam, but that is not possible! But immediately she put her hand on my crotch and felt. Mmmm that feels good, and she pulled my zipper down and took my dick out of my pants.

So is he always like that? Yes, madam, almost always. I wanted to put him away again but she wouldn’t let go. He is indeed nice and big and now also nice and stiff. And without saying a word she got down on her knees and took the head of my dick in her mouth and started sucking it really hard. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I called out, that is so nice. I grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth wildly. A hand of hers now disappeared under her skirt and she was caressing herself. After a few minutes she got up and sat down next to me again, put her arms around me very and asked; can I kiss you? That sounds wonderful to me, I said. She leaned towards me and our lips closed. Immediately her tongue disappeared into my mouth and our tongues turned through our mouths and I sucked violently.

My hand explored her body. First I kneaded her amazing tits. I opened her blouse and released them. While we were continuously kissing like a couple in love. This woman could do that well. I took a nipple between my fingers and twisted it very gently. She groaned like a wild pig. I also wanted to explore under her skirt. My hand disappeared under the skirt and pushed her panties aside. My finder immediately disappeared into her wet cunt. She was literally drenched. And when my finger touched her clit she screamed and started shaking violently.

She got up and took off the rest of her clothes, took off my clothes, pushed me back roughly and sat on top of my dick. She started to ride wildly, her mouth sucked to mine. I kneaded her wonderful big tits. They swung with every movement. I thought that was such a horny sight. She really screamed like a suckling pig. Come on boy, fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can with this delicious hard dick of yours.

I felt the moisture running down my legs. I pushed her away and put her on her back. I put her legs on my shoulders and put my cock in her slit. First I thrust very deeply in a few times and then pulled it back but left the head of my dick in. I waited for a while. Then I just thrusted very deep and then pulled back again. I kept repeating that. It drove her crazy. Come on don’t tease me like that, fuck me. No, I said. I had made up my mind that she would have to crave it. I bumped her clit a few times. Then she really went mad. She hit her head wildly and tugged at my hair. And now I want you to really fuck me, she cried.

In one thrust I rammed my dick in and started fucking her wildly and uncontrollably. She screamed, I’ve never been fucked like this, harder, deeper! I immediately squirted my sperm into this delicious pussy. I let go of her legs, but stayed in her cunt. I started to repeat my previously played game. Just the head of my dick in this delicious cunt. She put her legs and arms around me and started kissing and tonguing wildly again. And every now and then I let my dick disappear into her pussy right up to my balls.

Goddamn, she said, where and from whom did you learn this. I’ve never been fucked like this before. Come on boy, one more time. But I pulled back and asked if she wanted to spin around so I could fuck her from behind. Yes ok, but hurry up. And again my dick went in just a little bit and again she asked me to just fuck her hard. A few times I rammed mercilessly and she screamed. Then all of a sudden I pulled all the way back and pushed my dick into her ass.

She had done that before, because my dick disappeared up her ass in one go. Nobody is allowed to do this at all, only my husband can fuck me in the ass. But don’t stop now. Fuck it, fuck me in the ass, fuck it hard, really hard. Squeeze my tits Nico, squeeze them hard. I kneaded these lovely tits while my cock went wild in and out of her ass. Then it went quickly, I shot my whole load in her ass with loud screams. She also came again and for a moment I thought she was passing out.

She lay motionless for a few minutes. Then we sat on the couch to take a break. She sat against me and I put an arm around her. We sat like this for a few minutes until she looked at me smiling. Immediately I leaned over and pushed my tongue roughly into her. And again we were like two teenagers kissing and caressing each other’s bodies.

This afternoon we didn’t got around to do some math and the next day I had a big fail. Except with Eric’s mother, it was a big win.