Special fetish

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Lydia wanted to visit her two darlings as soon as she got back from a long vacation on the Eastern coast of the United States so she could leave them the new shoes she’d bought there. Lydia had a thing for shoes and bought them everywhere, like older ladies buy hats. And she already had a nice collection. Kelly was exactly the same size as Lydia, and Lydia had brought her a pair of shoes. “Thank you, my darling!” She answered happily. “I have something for you too.” Kelly really had something for her: her tight, musky-smelling pussy that Lydia and Amanda loved so much.

The three girls liked to make special threesomes, with rubber dicks instead of real ones. And although they weren’t true lesbians, they loved not having men around every now and then. Kelly and Amanda shared a flat in Los Angeles which developed into a true lesbian love nest. They were always up for a nice lesbian threesome, and once that happened it would make their face blush. Their “soixante-neuf” would make her really red, with a girl on the other two, licking a lovely asshole. It was a lovely sight to see Amanda licking Kelly’s asshole while Lydia sucking her little hot clit.

In that position the girls now lie down again. Lydia picked up one of the new shoes, it was a blue one with a very long round stiletto heel, she sucked on the heel until it was really wet and slippery with her saliva, and pushed the thin heel between Kelly’s wet, swollen labia. Kelly began to move her body more wildly and slowly approached her climax. Lydia pushed the shoe up and down the horny crevice and licked the little hard knob between Kelly’s pretty swollen labia, while Amanda licked her tight little pooer and pushed the tip of her finger into it. She climaxed moaning and shocking from so much attention to her horny inputs.

Afterwards, Kelly started eating Amanda while Lydia went to get a long double-dildo. They got extra excited because they could now fuck two cunts at the same time. “What a hot idea, Lydia”, said Amanda happy - and horny. Lydia pushed the latex hose into Amanda’s wet shaking pussy and Kelly playfully sucked on the other end as if it were a real flesh and blood penis. “Kelly sit on my mouth” Amanda begged her “I want to lick your pussy” “Hmmmmmm, the taste of your slit just drives me crazy!” Amanda said as she licked and smelled Kelly’s moist cave. Kelly hadn’t washed her vagina in the morning, but Amanda didn’t mind. On the contrary, she only got hornier from the aroma of the sweating horny cave.

“Little filthy bitch,” added Amanda, her voice muffled by the swollen labia pushing against her nose and mouth, “You taste so good, I would like to eat you forever.” “Oh shut up, and keep licking”, Kelly groaned angrily. And Amanda licked Kelly to a powerful orgasm. After all, the dildo was used as it should be, one side in Lydia’s soaking wet crack and the other side in Amanda’s little hot slit. They lay opposite each other and bounced back and forth at a rapid pace, so that the cock would slide deep into one pussy, then back into the other. Kelly sat in between and licked the tasty cunts.

The two girls orgasmed together and moaning loudly. “And now for the grand finale,” said Lydia as she took a big dildo and put it in her cunt. The women sat down so that they could look at each other and began to masturbate. Lydia with the big vibrator, Amanda with the double-dildo and Kelly had two fingers pushed up her ass and massaged her ass and clitoris with her other hand. Kelly cummed first and then Lydia followed, only Amanda didn’t have enough of the dildo. “I want another soixante-neuf”, she said to the other girls, “with a dildo in my ass.” Her wish was quickly fulfilled. Kelly lay under her and began to lick the wet labia, followed by the hard clit. And Lydia slowly pushed the big dildo that was still wet and slippery from her own horny into Amanda’s tight ass.

When Amanda was finally also satisfied, they fell asleep feeling each other’s pussies and tits on the double bed in the bedroom.