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I think let me tell this story because this makes everyone horny. When I was 18 I had been dating a beautiful blonde woman for a year and a half. We had already had a bit of sex, but then we broke up anyway. We still got along well and I continued to know her very well and when she turned 18 I gave her a breath of fresh air for her birthday. She accepted this and said that I would get a nice present in return.

My birthday was a month later and she would come by the day after my birthday to give my present. There she arrived after school. She was just wearing a short skirt with a tight sweater on it. I thought if only I could undress it. First we went to congratulate my parents and have a drink with them. She still didn’t gave me a gift and I was curious. She had been looking at me the whole time and then she asked if she could give me the gift upstairs and she also had to talk to me.

I still wondered what it would lead to. I told my parents that it could take a while and they still had to visit some business partner and so they left. When I arrived at my room with that blond bitch who looked really horny today and who had been looking for eye contact all the time. I sat down in a chair and she sat on top of me and took me full on my mouth. My dick grew three times bigger, it was already hard at the thought of being in the room with her.

She’s still kissing me and kissing me on the neck. She smiles and sits on her knees in front of me. She takes my dick out of my pants and starts sucking me off. At first she only licks the top, but then she goes mad with big strokes. I go wild with her, after about 3 minutes or so I cum and she swallows everything! I put her on my bed and start undressing her. Meanwhile almost all of my own clothes are already lying on the floor. Immediately after I have taken off her sweater and her bra, I start to suck her full breasts, taking off her skirt. And to my surprise she has no panties on at all.

I put my hand between her legs and she is soaking wet and starts to moan. I slide in with 2 fingers and she really enjoys it. I suck on her nipples that are piercing forward. I slowly go down and also start sucking her clit. She enjoys this so intensely and it doesn’t take long before she cums screaming. I start kissing her again and my dick, which in the meantime was rock hard again, ends up with her delicious wet pussy.

She says, “I want to have it inside me.” Without thinking about it I push my dick right in. At first my thick hard dick doesn’t slide in so smoothly, but after a while I start to thrust like crazy. We are both panting and sweating. Lovely, I’m starting to come and bump a few more times. I spray my fat quacks in her.

She has not quite cummed yet and I immediately start fingering my girl with 3 fingers and licking her clit at a rapid pace. She goes crazy and she cums screaming. After this we lie down together and kiss a bit more. We took a shower together and got dressed, when she just wanted to leave after a long French kiss, my parents came in, they looked a little surprised. After this we had a lot more of great sex!!!