School party

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Hi folks. I had never been to a school party. I was 18 and and I went this time because all the nice girls went to it. So I arrived there early in the evening. And already just a few moments later I just sat there being bored because the school party was just starting, when one of the new sexy girls at school asked me to dance. I obviously wanted to dance with her.

So we were dancing and I turn around because a guy was doing crazy a little later I turned my head back to Melissa (the good thing) and suddenly I got a French kiss. Moments later she whispers in my ear “I’m so horny. I don’t know what I can do about it, do you?” “Of course!”, I say and I drag her to the basement of the school.

She sits down on my lap and we kiss deeply. I asked her to get off my lap and sit on a big table. I pulled up her little miniskirt and I slide her panties aside and start eating her out. This went on for a few minutes until I went for her clit and she started moaning loudly and moments later she screams “I’M CUMMING!!!!”. I think no one heard us through the loud music, but the though made me kinda extra horny.

She takes off her mini skirt and turns and asks if I want to take her anally. Moments later my dick was rooted in her anus and I now grab her by her hips to thrust harder. She starts to moan very loud again and shouts “Keep going, yeahaaaa! This is so good! I’m almost cumming again… Yes!!!” and we both came at the same time.

Moments later she sat on my dick and started riding me like a madman until we heard the door open, it was Melissa’s girlfriend Elisa (hottie too). She looked but she didn’t seem surprised. On the contrary she wanted to participate and Melissa and I thought that was okay and Elisa undressed.

Melissa gets on all fours and starts eating Elisa. I stand behind Melissa I push my dick in her wet pussy. Melissa starts to growl and Elisa starts to cum because Melissa is now working her clitoris. We still didn’t had enough and they ask me if I want to lie down. Elisa sits on my dick and Melissa hangs with her pussy above my face and I start eating Melissa again. Elisa starts riding me and now starts to moan hard.

Melissa now kisses Elisa. But when she finished French kissing, Elisa started moving faster and I started sucking more deeply on Melissa’s pussy. You will hear Elisa moaning while so cums “Ooohhh, this feels so good”.

Elisa is going much slower now but knows I didn’t cum and she starts sucking my dick. I started sucking hard on Melissa’s little clitoris and she finally cums too. The three of us dressed up and went back to the dance hall. The next day the teacher asked if the school party was fun and I said “It was a great school party” and smiled at Melissa.