Sabrina and her mother

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My name is Arnold, I am 23 years old and recently started a relationship with Sabrina, a nice girl of 26 years old. We’ve been dating for several weeks, so she thought I was time for me to get to know her mother. I didn’t mind and we met on a Friday evening.

When I entered I was warmly greeted by a very good looking woman of about 45 years old. We went to the living room and feasted on the fresh coffee. After coffee, Sabrina said she was going to pour something else. Would you like a beer Arnold? Nice, I said. Mommy, a glass of wine? Great, I’ll just have a white one. I said to Sabrina that I would help her and went to the kitchen.

In the kitchen I grabbed her waist and gave her a kiss that was eagerly answered with a fiery French kiss. God girl, I’m horny, can’t you give me a blowjob? I asked. No, Sabrina said. I kissed her again, and again our tongues raged like savages. She also got horny and said, a quick one then, mother is waiting.

Sabrina opened my fly and took out my gentleman and immediately put it in her mouth. Delicious! After a few seconds mother stood in the doorway with her index finger to her lips, as a sign that I was not allowed to tell that she was there. She watched for a few minutes, then very carefully approached me without her daughter noticing. She started kissing me violently, her tongue was racing like a wild beast in my mouth. I’ve never kissed a woman like this before.

Sabrina noticed something was happening and looked up. Mother! she shouted very loudly and indignantly. What are you doing? Well I haven’t had anything for two years and seeing you guys like that made me mad with desire. She began to cry softly, she has been a widow for abbout two years.

Sabrina said, well, guess it’s not so bad. Or is it Arnold? Well no, we’ll go to the livingroom and then we’ll give your mother a laugh too. What do you say? Yes, why not?

Very indignant, Sabrina followed us into the livingroom. Mother and I sat on the couch and started kissing heavily again. My god she kissed so good. In the meantime, she loosened my pants and had my cock in her hand in no time. She took off her panties and dropped directly over my dick. After just two thrusts she came.

Sabrina had also become super horny and was fingering herself. God what a horny sight, she said, to watch my friend fuck my mom. Come sit here with us I said, she did. And to my great surprise the two women (mother and daughter) now started kissing and fingering violently. We then made it a very long horny night!!