Room service

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Hi, my name is Melissa. A sturdy girl who likes to have sex. About a month ago, the following happened. I work in a hotel, and they have room service there. I often walk it, it is more of a business hotel than a tourist, so many men who spend the night alone.

It was a quiet evening and my colleague was already going home, I was still waiting for the last room service. When I was just about to leave I got a request. I went upstairs and knocked, there was a call inside, so I opened the door with my key and went inside. I heard someone in the bathroom and just kept going, put my tray down and heard the bathroom door open. I turned and to my “horror” a naked man came out of the bathroom. “Oh sorry”, he said but when he saw me looking at his cock he did nothing to hide his nakedness.

I was really staring at his cock and got really aroused and felt myself getting wet. Slowly the man came up to me and I sat down on the bed, he stood in front of me and I started to lick his head gently with my tongue. The man began to moan softly and I took his cock all the way into my mouth. I started to suck it harder and harder. What a lovely big cock it became.

Suddenly he pushed me back on the bed and pushed my skirt up, took off my panties and started licking my bald pussy. I was never wat like this before. He started licking my lips and slowly went in with his tongue, teasingly licked my clit and then went back in with his tongue.

In the meantime I had unbuttoned my blouse and he started licking and kissing, took my tits out of the cups and started licking and sucking them and descending back to my pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore and asked him to fuck me. He pushed his dick into my mouth for a second, fucked me gently in my mouth and then slid his dick into my horny wet pussy.

He fucked me wonderfully and faster and faster for a long time. As he almost cummed he took his cock out of my pussy and he shot his cum all over my tits, then licked me one more time. Gosh it was really delicious.

He visits the hotel more often, so this will happen again. He has asked me if a friend of his can join the next time. Well I don’t mind, it seems wonderful to be spoiled by 2 guys!!!