Practice makes perfect

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There I was, I had just been entitled to ride a moped and I spent a lot of time at my computer, I had no girlfriend, but only played on the computer. I did have a sex relationship with a girl, but I didn’t think she was pretty and I wasn’t in love with her. I also had an occasional relationship, with our babysitter from the past, a nice boy, seven years older and when I was very young, he showed me and felt and smelled how good a cock can be, even if that it’s not your own.

If I felt horny, I pretended the computer was broken and called him. I was home alone now and I called him. I said that the computer was broken and that I would like it if he came as soon as possible. He was coming. I put the phone down and jumped in the shower. I washed myself and gave myself an enema, I put the shower hose in my hole and completely cleaned myself inside and out. I stretched my asshole completely with my mag-light (practice makes perfect). Then I shaved myself completely bald around my pubic area and in my buttock. That gave me such an exciting feeling. I dried myself and put on some jeans, the crotch of the jeans was broken, I knew that, my balls were dangling happily.

I minimized an exciting sex video on the computer, one that showed a lot of sperm, because I loved that. There I heard the gate. He was coming in and called upstairs. I called for him to come up and thought about how good this would be. We greet each other and he sat down. He asked me what the problem was, I said I had a huge problem and slumped in the chair.

He looked at me and looked at my pants, he ran his fingers through the hole and said, “Your pants are broken!”. I told him that it didn’t matter, after which he broke my pants like a mad man and put me in my shirt. That turned me on so much that I got a huge erection. He started sucking me off, and really, there’s no one who can do that better than him. I enjoyed it enormously and got excited about his penis, which I could see very clearly. He licked my cock and my balls and chugged my asshole, then he put a finger in it, then another finger and another and after four fingers and a thumb, he tried to penetrate me with his fist. That was not going to work, but after half an hour of being sucked off and fingered like this, he wanted me to give him a blowjob.

His cock was huge, and the pre-cum was already coming out of his piss hole. I eagerly sucked in his fluid and licked his balls and also put my finger in his anus. That made him so horny that he squirted his cum right into my mouth, without saying anything. I was startled and spontaneously swallowed his cum, and got so horny that I kept sucking him, he was so horny, but wanted to take a break. I gave him that, but I kept jerking my cock and fingered myself in my ass. That turned him on a lot.

He put me on my stomach on the bed and filled my asshole with lube. He put his cock against my asshole and gently pushed it in. Before this I had been practicing all this time, earlier times when he tried to penetrate me it seemed like I had to shit, so I started practicing, from a candle to a bottle, to a dildo, to a thicker vibrator and even a mag-light and for this very horny feeling, the feeling of being fucked, I had done all that. I cried out with happiness. I moaned from total horniness. Instead of having the feeling of having to defecate, I had the feeling, that I got fucked like a woman because I wanted it so badly and now he put his cock in me and pumped. He fucked me hard and after a short while he sprayed his warm cum into my gut.

I wanted more and took his cock out of my ass and went to the mirror first. I watched the cum from my asshole run down my legs. I took it and licked it off my fingers. I want more, I said and lay on my back with my legs up. He was still so horny and put his cock back up my ass. He fucked me with my legs spread around him and I told him to cum half in my ass and half all over me. I jerked off and couldn’t control myself anymore, I looked him in the eye and sprayed myself. He looked at my fountain and sprayed his seed all over me. I lay there with all that cum on me and started mixing his and my cum on my chest. We got dressed and he went home.

It was like if I knew it would be the last time I spoiled myself with his cock. I saw him one more time with his girlfriend, then never again. My girlfriend knows about it, but she will never be able to fuck me as well as he did that day when I had a real cock inside me. I cherish that moment and I am very grateful to him. Who knows, my girlfriend might want me to fuck me and get fucked by another guy at the same time, luckily we can always talk about that.