Picked up from the pub

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I’ve been alone for a while after my ex dumped me. I couldn’t have helped that I had cheated. I was drunk and very horny, and yes then an incredible babe wanted to sleep with me. She just kept touching my dick at the bar and told me to come with her. Eventually I went with her, she lived just blocks away from the pub where I was. When I came in I saw that she was really super horny.

On the wall hung a picture of her kissing with another girl. It was so horny that I almost got a hard one, and just as I touched my dick she came in. She asked why I was so excited. I told her about the photo, she had to laugh. I was a little embarrassed, she noticed that and said it was okay and that it actually turned her on as well.

She asked if I wanted to sit next to her on the couch. I wanted that and dropped right down next to her. Just as soon as I sat down she put her hand on my lap and started to move slowly back and forth. I felt my dick grow until it was almost hard. She asked if she could take my pants off. Then it grew to top length.

She took off my pants and unbuttoned my boxer. My dick popped out and bounced a little. She took it and put it in her mouth. She started sucking me off, she was really good at it. After a minute I was already afraid that I would cum too soon. I took my dick out of her mouth and asked what she liked best. She said she wanted to try something different.

I couldn’t come up with anything special and asked for an example. Sometimes she wanted two dildos in her pussy. I didn’t mind and asked where the dildos were. She went to a closet and opened a drawer that was full of dildos and vibrators. I picked two and put them in her pussy. I could hear she was enjoying it as I grabbed my dick and let it slide slowly into her pussy next to the dildos.

She screamed! I grabbed her tits and squeezed them and started moving faster and faster. Then it happened, I came and sprayed her all over. I took my dick out of her pussy and actually thought I was done, but then she grabbed my arm. She asked where I was going, she told me to finish again. I never thought I could cum twice in a row, but she managed to get my dick up again by sucking it.

I went into her pussy and made her cum by rubbing hard against her clit. She screamed hard and took my dick and started sucking it hard and within a minute I was already spraying, and she swallowed everything. I stroked her nipples and her clit. I was very tired and went to sleep.

The next day I woke up and made breakfast. I asked if we were in a relationship or if it was just a one night stand. She didn’t know yet. It never turned out to be a real relationship, but I occasionally visit her every now and then and I always have a great orgasm.