Party at home

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It started like this: we had a party at my house. About 50 people where at the party. We were having a nice time when suddenly a boy came up to me and asked if I wanted to do something. Well, I couldn’t say anything and he pulled me upstairs.

There were two more guys waiting at the top with whom he had agreed to join. When we got upstairs he put a blindfold on me and started to undress me. When I was completely naked the boys started to touch and caress me. It was so good…

Suddenly someone grabbed me and started eating me out, harder and faster. It made me completely horny. The other boy put his fat, fat, tasty cock against my behind and pushed it in. Getting harder and faster. The boy who was eating stopped and shoved his wet hard cock into my wet soft horny pussy and went back and forth and faster and faster.

The other boy I was kissing all the time. But he also wanted a turn so got out of my pussy and he came. He started to lick me all over and grabbed me and he pressed his nice cock into my soft wet pussy. Back and forth I was so horny.

We went to lay down on the bed. I spread my legs wider and wider. The boy lay on top of me and was fucking me really hard. My pussy was completely filled with delicious cum from the boys. We came quickly but the boys wanted more.

A guy pressed me against the wall and lifted me up and slid his nice hard stiff dick into my horny pussy and harder and harder oh it was so good and it went faster and faster. I got all horny and wet. He licked me all over and pushed me back onto the bed and started licking my pussy hard with his tongue faster and faster.

Now the two others put their cocks back into my wet holes and started to fuck me harder from all sides. Oh yummy go on go deeper faster go on. You’re so hot, go through me, fuck me faster. And then they stopped. They took the wet cock out of my cunt and I had to get on my knees and put three cocks in my mouth and off I went.

I sucked all three faster and faster. They cummed all over me, but I was not done yet. One wanted to go on and put his wet hard stiff pole in my wet soft pussy and started to fuck me again and said all kinds of things to me louder louder yes oh nice go on.

You’re so nice and faster harder in my pussy it must be harder and he pushed his dick harder and harder in my pussy. Getting louder. When we were done we went down again and I had parties more often.