On the road...

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I was horny as hell on that warm summer night when I went to bed around noon. I just tossed and tossed and played with my now swollen cock that had already become quite wet. I knew that if I even tugged on it for a moment, I would reach the peak, but I didn’t like that enough. I wanted to get MORE out of it. Although I had to get up early for work, I got dressed again to go to the a gay parking lot I knew about.

While driving it excited me more and more with the thought that I would let myself go completely. When I arrived there, I just drove a few laps to see what was for sale. There was a car parked all alone, I wanted to know more about that. I got out, walked around the car and saw a child seat in the back and stickers sticking to the rear window. Typically a “hetero performance”.

Peeking inside, I saw no one in the car. Yet I saw that the left door was not properly closed. So the driver could not be far away. It was pitch-dark and also a little scary, but that excited me more and more. I took out my wet cock, actually immediately let my pants down from horniness when suddenly a wet warm cock slid between my legs. I was shocked, because I had not heard or seen anyone coming.

The actions, the touches were so super horny that I didn’t want to put an end to it, immediately I wanted to know who was behind me. I thought go on, fingers were searching for my wet ass. And yes, suddenly I felt his fingers slide in between my buttocks with a saliva-like substance. I thought that was so horny that I started twirling my ass which turned him on even more.

Slowly but wonderfully I felt a throbbing pole penetrate that slowly started to get going. It didn’t take really long for his orgasm, he came moaning and pulling his wet head straight back into his underpants. I hadn’t cum yet, so I took out his half-stiff wet pole and started to suck it off. That gave me such an enormous kick that I came wonderfully.

We got dressed and looking back I saw the horny looking “straight guy” get in his car and take off.