Night shelter

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Years ago, as a boy of seventeen years old, I wandered through France. I could write a book about those experiences, but I want to limit myself to what I experienced in Marseille. After wandering the great port city all day, I was exhausted and longed for bed. However, I still had to find a place to sleep. I had no money for a hotel or a hostel, so I depended on the benevolence of chance. I asked some young men, but no one could take me home.

For advice, I presented my problem to a policeman. He took me to a night shelter for vagrants, for which I was very grateful to him. The shelter was an old neglected building filled with beds. In the light of a dim night lamp, I stumbled to a bed, which was still free.

The snoring of sleeping men sounded all around. Some talked in their sleep. It wasn’t an ideal overnight stay, but better than nothing. I undressed and got under the covers. I almost fell asleep when I heard a rumor. I did not move and fell asleep. A hand got under my covers and searched for my body. He found my legs and gently went up where he reached my thigh. The groping hand was so exciting that I got an erection. I felt fingers touching my balls and then my member. The hand had found my cock and reached its target. I expected him to close tightly around my cock now, but I was mistaken.

Now a head came under the covers. Warm lips touched my skin. A mouth went up my legs with a kiss, caressing the inner thighs and ending its journey with my lid. A tongue licked my balls and my erect stem. Then the mouth closed around my cock and started sucking. I still pretended to be fast asleep and not knowing what was happening to me. Without making a sound I came and squirted my cum into the unfamiliar mouth.

I pretended to be startled by a brief rumor, moaned a little and turned on my stomach. The stranger kept silent. When he thought I had gone back to sleep, his hand came into action again. His fingers moved gently but excitedly over my bottom, touching my crack. I managed to hold back a shiver and waited for things to come undoubtedly. The stranger now brought his head to my buttocks and began to lick my butt halves and butt seam. It was so delicious and thrilling that I not only got an erection again, but I also craved his cock.

A short time later, the stranger began to work his way under the covers. He was very quiet and probably wouldn’t have woken me if I had indeed been asleep. Suddenly I felt his hard, hot cock against my ass. The stranger gently parted my buttocks and slowly crept in. I felt the dick penetrate my body inch by inch. I managed to suppress a cry of pain and excitement and control the shaking of my body. The cock started to move inside me and then released violently moments later. I felt him pulling out of my ass afterwards.

The next morning I looked over the numerous beds, where all kinds of men were still sleeping. One of them was the man who took me last night, but I didn’t know who he was…

Maybe he watched me as I left the dorm.