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Hello everyone, my name is Simone and I am 25 years old. After a conversation with my best friend, she recommended this site to me to write my story. Two weeks ago I went on vacation for 15 days together with that same friend Cindy. My boyfriend, with whom I have been living together for 5 years and have been in a relationship for 7 years, stayed at home. This was going to be a short vacation just for friends.

Cindy is single so went there for a lot of fun and sex. At the airport she said this to my boyfriend who just laughed and said “If Simone feels like it, she should just do it”. I looked at him and said you don’t mean that at all. Just before we went through the passport check, I said goodbye to my boyfriend and told him I’ll behave. He laughed and said you have a free pass as long as you tell me how and what you did. Well I know my boyfriend likes it when I have sex with others and he can watch. But that wasn’t something I ever wanted to participate in and he respected that. Until this holiday.

When we arrived on our destination and had unpacked our suitcases, we put on our bikini and walked to the pool to enjoy the sun. It was 7 p.m. and we were ready to eat something in town, both in skirts with boots and a top. We drank quite a bit of wine during dinner. Next we went into town and sat on a nice terrace. We were soon approached by a number of boys, eight of them to be exact. They came from Italy and sat down with us. It was now even more fun and the drinks went fast. At about 2 o’clock we gave up because we were tired and wanted to sleep.

When we arrived at our apartment we took some more wine and chatted about the boys. They all looked so good, 5 were real stars. Cindy said that she really liked Damiano and Pino. I said that I liked Damiano, Silvano, Pino, Patrik and Demi and that they all looked good. We fooled around a bit on the bed and then Cindy asked me if I would admit it if one of these guys would try something. Cindy went ahead and said, “I think you would like to feel them between your legs”.

I laughed a little and said “You probably get wet just from the thought of it”. Cindy said, “You really have to feel for yourself”. She took my hand, spread her legs and put my hand between her legs. I was shocked and felt that she was indeed really wet. She let go of my hand and I was amazed that she had done this but held my hand against her panties. Cindy sat there too and looked at me with a shock on her face. I started to laugh and now also felt a tingling. Very slowly my hand started to slide over her panties and I saw Cindy lay down. I now lay down next to Cindy and looked at her. I said that we shouldn’t be doing this. No, said Cindy, but it feels damn good.

Cindy pulled my legs apart and placed her hand on my thong, which was also slightly wet. You are also very wet, Simone. Cindy started to pull my panties aside with her fingers and I felt her fingers brush my clit. I had never done anything with a girl before and neither had Cindy, but it felt really good. I had never thought about it, but now it was going to happen. I pulled Cindy’s thong down and ran my fingers through her pussy. Cindy came closer and with her other hand she slid under my top and noticed that I wasn’t wearing a bra.

She started playing with my nipple and I got really horny now. We quickly undressed and got naked on the bed again. We looked at each other nervously and we pressed lips together and I felt Cindy’s tongue enter my mouth. I closed my eyes and kissed back. Our hands slid over each other’s bodies and I pulled harder and harder on Cindy’s nipples. And then I tasted and licked a pussy for the first time. Cindy did this to me too.

After a few hours of playing together, we fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning we didn’t know what to say to each other. I then said to relieve the tension, “I enjoyed the night”. Cindy laughed and said, “Me too it was lovely”. We went back to the pool and ate there and lay down and chatted about that night. Before we went out for dinner we played together again in the bath and agreed to let this holiday be our pleasure holiday.

During dinner and while enjoying the wine, we agreed that no one needed to know about our fun. Two evenings later we met these guys again in a bar. Cindy and I had already drank a lot of booze and it just got more fun now. I was dancing with Pino and he was dancing closer and closer to me. I closed my eyes and danced along nicely. I felt his hands on my ass and he kneaded gently. Because of the drinks I did nothing and let him do his thing.

Pino now put his mouth on the mine and started kissing me. I kissed back and was shocked by this but just kept going. I went outside with Pino and in a dark alley I was fucked by Pino. It went pretty fast but he did fuck well. We were standing in the alley. Pino came up behind me and pulled up my skirt and pulled my thong to the side. I felt his dick push against my opening and he slid in easily because I was so wet. He grabbed my tits and started to fuck me hard and deep. I played with my clit and discovered that Pino was not wearing a condom. I was shocked again but thought it was too good to stop and let Pino continue.

I came wonderfully and I felt that Pino was coming too. He pulled his dick out and sprayed everything all over my ass. I cleaned my buttocks with my thong and threw it away. We walked back and when we got to the bar I saw Cindy laughing. She came up to me and said you’ve done dirty things. I laughed but was so ashamed. The next morning I immediately called my friend and told him this. He had to laugh and said “Go for it”. At first I felt really bad but soon that feeling disappeared because of Cindy licking me again and I had lost my feeling of guilt, because my boyfriend thought it was okay.

Three days later we spent the day with those boys and in the evening we had a party with them in their house that they had rented. The drinks went quickly and soon Cindy and I had finished a bottle of malibu. The boys also had a lot to drink. The atmosphere got hotter and hotter. I went to the bathroom and took off my thong because I had become very horny and actually wanted to have sex with them, no matter who. Back in the room I mentioned this to Cindy and she also said she was going to take off her thong.

I was in bed with Pino, Silvano, Sebastian and Patrick around me. Pino was soon stroking my legs with his hands. I saw Cindy run away with Damiano and Demi. Demion and Sylvester left, they went into town. They weren’t very good looking after all.

Cindy went to the house next door which was also theirs. I looked around and saw four boys and thought that was a lot of fun. But before I knew it, I was lying on my back and felt hands sliding all over my body. My clothes flew across the room and in no time I was naked on the bed. Everywhere I felt tongues and fingers. I closed my eyes and decided to enjoy it. I was already pretty drunk and was now also super horny. I just wanted to be abused by these guys.

My pussy was well fingered by all fingers and my breasts were cut nicely and my nipples were pulled hard. My clit was roughly used, it hurt but also felt very good. I felt more and more fingers entering my pussy and when I looked there was a whole hand in it. Jesus this was amazing and while that hand slid in and out of my pussy I was also licked.

A cock was pushed into my mouth and I eagerly licked it. Now I was lifted off the bed and placed on the floor on a towel. Pino picked up a new bottle of wine and kept dropping a little over me so that the other guys could lick it off again until the bottle was almost empty. Now my legs were spread wide and Pino very gently pushed that bottle into my pussy. Getting a little deeper until it got to the thickest point and went no further.

In the meantime I sucked on all the cocks that were hanging by my mouth. I didn’t care anymore what they did as long as it was good. The bottle was pulled out of my pussy and I could feel some wine flow out of it. Now I finally got a dick shoved in my pussy. Pino was the first to push his dick in and immediately started fucking me vigorously. In the meantime I still felt hands everywhere and my mouth was full of cocks.

There was a switch and I got the next cock in my pussy. I got Pino’s dick in my mouth and I tasted myself and wine. This meant that I was fucked without a condom again. This dick that I now had in my pussy was bigger and went much deeper. It was Silvano who fucked me deeply and actually quite painfully. They all took turns and afterwards I licked them all clean. And it turned out that none of them was wearing a condom.

They also wanted anal but because they were quite wild I said no and luckily they didn’t do it. Except for Pino, who already pushed it in while I was on my knees. Fortunately, this went very smoothly even though I had never had a dick there. Pino fucked me very softly and slow. In the meantime my face was already covered because Patrick had came.

Sebastian started fingering my pussy while Pino fucked my ass. Now I went wild and pushed Pino’s dick deeper and deeper into my ass and faster and faster. I came screaming for the last time and really felt the juice running out of my pussy. Now I felt my ass being sprayed full of cum and when Pino pulled it out it ran right out of my ass.

Sebastian put his dick deep in my pussy again and fucked me nicely. When he pulled his dick out I couldn’t hold it anymore and started peeing spontaneously and peeing everything all over Sebastian’s dick. He started to laugh and jerked off and sprayed everything all over my stomach and breasts. Silvano had came in my mouth in the meantime.

Patrick stood over me as I lay on my back to recover and peed all over my breasts. I was startled and wanted to turn away but that warm glow over my nipples felt good. Pino was peeing all over my pussy and then started licking me. In the meantime Pino had gotten a fairly stiff dick again and he pushed it back into my pussy. He fucked hard and with deep thrusts. I screamed with pleasure and now felt a warm glow slide into my pussy. He came in my pussy. I was resting and the gentlemen had also laid down. I felt the cum drip out of my pussy and enjoyed it. I then went under the shower and washed myself completely.

The next day I called my boyfriend and told him everything that happened and promised that when I got back we would invite a few people and he could watch. Cindy also had a great night and was also fucked hard by Damiano and Demi. The boys for another 5 days and we had delicious raunchy sex during those days days.

Cindy and I had them one by one, and took a picture of them. Cindy and I are still having sex with each other now, my boyfriend has already filmed this once. He also fucked Cindy while I was attached to a chair. I didn’t know I was so dirty with sex.