New York is waiting for us

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New York is waiting for us. Thousands of kilometers away, the great continent, the city where everything is possible and where everything is possible. We have to deliver Hans’s work personally because the deadline came thundering towards us too quickly. Sarah is so sweet to deliver us to the airport in the middle of the night, I kiss her beautiful, sweet mouth and agree to give us a call when we have arrived at our destination. I follow the red taillights until they disappear into the black and I then follow Monique and Hans.

We go looking for our check-in desk and look for our plane. The 747 is waiting, huge object, powerful, illuminated from the outside and half dark inside. We look for our seats in the semi-filled 1st class and we slide into our luxurious seats. The seats are arranged in rows of four and one seat to the right of me is still empty. I can see from the reservation on the railing that it will remain empty for the time being. Rest, for the time being.

The light is dimmed and people pull down the curtains in various places, we are getting ready for a long night. We fly with the moon and therefore still have hours and hours of darkness ahead of us. Our journey starts with the roaring sound of the engines. Here we sit, in the dark, half awake, half asleep, too tired to stay awake and too awake to go to sleep.

Monique has taken her place between Hans and me and after we have knocked back some glasses of much too warm wine as a sleeping aid and have already discussed our plans for the next day, we prepare for some sleep. What will the night bring us. The soft monotonous roar of the engines echoes further and further away. I close my eyes and think about nothing. Glide into the starlit night sky.

I am awakened from my light sleep by the feeling that someone is awkwardly trying to open my zipper. I look sleepily to the left and see Monique’s smile, radiant in the semi-darkness. I smile back, slowly open my zipper and feel her hand slide inside. How her warm fingers close around my half-stiff dick. Her other hand is now tightly closed around Hans’s hard cock and has already pumped it quite wet, hearing from the wet suds sounds.

Like a queen of the night, Monique sits between us and pumps our hard cocks ever wetter and harder, her ring feels cool on our heated male flesh. Her fingers occasionally drift down and delicious long nails scribble, teasingly strokes, along my shaved balls. We are milked by experienced warm hands. Trusted hands. I slide a hand under her wide dress and find her firm breasts in a black cupless bra, nipples hard, pointing forward, like turrets on beautiful beige mountain peaks. I squeeze them, gently and knead them deliciously. Monique sighs, I can feel her hand pump faster, tighter now.

I now gently push her aside, towards Hans, she bends towards him and closes her red lips around his wet swollen bar. Her hand slides under his balls. She massages. Her finger slides into his ass. She gives a wet blowjob. Gulping. Tight. Compelling. I slide down between the seats, between her tight legs and lift her dress. Her glowing body is waiting for me, legs wide open, expecting visitors. With my thumb and finger I slide the black minimal, beautiful thong to the side.

I Lick the insides of her thighs wet. Tease her with my tongue. The line between tickling and pleasure. Now I find her smooth shaved temple, wet, warm, open. She bounces up a bit as my mouth settles on her hard, swollen lips. I suck them in one by one, licking the salty, wet opening. The pulsating opening. Hands under her buttocks and I lift her up a bit, she puts her legs over my shoulders and I lick her beautiful experienced naughty anus.

She moans, hard dick pumping, caught in her wet mouth. From top to bottom I lick, tease her navel, suck her clit in and let the hard, pointed tip of my tongue flicker along it. She groans. He groans. I’m quiet, my mouth full of delicious. I slide both hands a little further under her sweaty buttocks and now slowly lick her with firm pressure from her round opened relaxed asshole to the hard enormous clit, slowly, quickly, slowly. Stop. Make my tongue vibrate, fuck her with my little tongue cock. In her asshole, in her cunt. She’s panting. She is shaking.

Her orgasm is approaching. She cannot be stopped anymore. She’s flying too high. While she cums I quickly slide my index finger into her wet ass. She still holds back, suppresses her moans, screams of ecstasy, pumping cock into her sliding, sucking, stick-on mouth. I feel her fucking my mouth, I slide another finger into her asshole, my thumb massaging her pulsating opening. I can feel her forcefully fucking the fingers, greedily gobbling up deeper. Her wet ass and pussy filled with lust. Then calm.

Then again the sucking sounds, licking, smacking, she sucks Hans wetter and faster. I look up to see how he wraps his hands around her nodding head and growls. He cums, squirts his hot cum into her greedily sucking, opened mouth. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times his squirting cock discharges itself. The finger flashes his ass, she knows well what she’s doing. Her tongue licks the head of his penis as the cum shoots upward. Thick drops flow from her mouth down his pole over his balls which she kneaded vigorously. Everything gratefully, graciously received and picked up by beautiful Monique. Our crowned queen of the night.

Hans calms down a bit, laughs and Monique sits up again. Slips down and pulls me up from between her warm legs and kisses me. I stand bent in front of her so that my hard pole is in front of her excited face, swollen and a crystal clear drop on top. One hand closes around my smooth heavy balls and with the other she pushes me from behind to her. She defiantly licks the top, licking her tongue up and down, slowly over my dickhead. Slippery. Wet. Hot.

Suddenly she pushes me forward, like a snake I slide into her hot, wet, sucking nest. She pulls on my balls and puts a wet finger in my warm anus. She’s fucking me. She pumps me. She sucks me. Her finger pushes me back and forth. Her tongue like velvet, her lips like a tight temple, I am wildly swept along in her storm. I grab her head and fuck her mouth. It is getting too much, I let myself go and slide in as deep as possible and spray my warm white cum into her massaging mouth, shocking I cum, time and again, a flood of holy seed I offer to her hot mouth.

She quickly pushes me back, squirting, my dick pops out of her mouth. She milks me with a tight hand so that my rays now end up from above into her wide open mouth. Her finger continues to fuck, her other hand now pumping closed around my throbbing dick. Her tongue slides over my balls, sucks them in, licks my trunk and I slide back into the wet temple and I feel her tongue.

I still in shock, feel how all the cum is drunk by her. Swallowed. It is absorbed into her body. Vital energy. She pulls her finger back, turns me around, pushes my buttocks open and smilingly licks my ass and balls wet and yet dry again, and kisses me. I fall down on my chair exhausted. We kiss our night queen gratefully and taste our seed. It is dark outside, the clouds are broken by our metal bird, they suck us up. We slide on. On to New York. The goal is sure, the feelings run wild. Sleep. Night.