My virgin story

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I was a boy of 18, still a virgin, still green… I only had one girlfriend but was very addicted to my files on my computer while masturbating my hard dick. One day I made another date with my previous lover who said she would like me back.

I told her all about my computer and all the downloaded sex files. We met at my house when my parents were not at home, she knew I was a virgin but very sex addicted. She had a surprise for me, she brought a friend! When she first came in alone we started almost immediately, she kissed me on the mouth and that was my first French kisses.

What I did not realize is that she had let her girlfriend in. I was getting hornier she was giving me a blowjob and I had already had filled her mouth a number of times with my cum. She had filled me with her delicious female horny juices. Then the time had come.

I first fucked her in her soaking wet pussy and after it was overflowing with cum and pussy juices I fucked her in the ass. Behind me her friend was already undressing and masturbating which I didn’t realize.

Suddenly when I was fucking my (again) new girlfriend, that other girl started to spread my buttocks and licked my asshole. I was surprised, but it felt good. They also had a dildo with them. and one of the girls stuck it in her ass.

What was very coincidental is that we all came screaming on my bed at the same time. After resting, french kissing and masturbating, I felt my bulge coming up again. I was probably because of those two gorgeous horny women were lying next to me. A little later we did the same thing again, only the 2 horny girls swapped.

Instead of licking my anus she licked the other’s pussy and asshole. I fucked them both really hard in her pussy and ass. And both of them licked the mixture of pussy and ass juices from my dick. When they both came it was my turn again. They both sucked me off and I sprayed my gallons of cum over their faces and down their throats.

It was the most horny exciting defloration that I can imagine. This was my story and I would like to add that we went out with 3 of us every weekend and did it all over again at home … only now I don’t see them anymore.