My sister in law

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My name is Arnold and I am 18 years old and the youngest son of a family of 6 children. My eldest brother Nico (32 years old) has been married to Carla (34 years old) for 8 years. I always got along very well with Nico and Carla. I walk in regularly, sometimes for a beer, sometimes with small and / or larger problems.

On a Saturday I went out with a girl. Which had already ended in a fiasco, because she didn’t even wanted to kiss. For sure I wasn’t going to fuck her. I was really looking forward to it, since it would be my first time. Of course I kissed a bit once in a while, but that was it. I felt like I was ready for the bigger job. But no, I had to wait s bit longer.

Disappointed and hungover from the previous evening, I sorrowful walked into Nico and Carla’s house at 2 p.m. for a cup of coffee. I came in and the first thing Carla said was, “My god, have you been that drunk? You look like you’ve eaten a bag of onions. Didn’t had fun last night?”. “No, no and again no”, I answered.

Well, started Nico sarcasticly, I am going to play some football because I can’t handle this much fun indoors. And Nico walked out the door. Guess, my brother is of no use to me either. Of course I forgot that he always plays football on Sunday.

Can I help you? Asked Carla. What happened last night? Yes Carla, that’s the problem nothing happened, again! How do you mean? Carla asked. Never mind, I said, I’ll talk to Nico about it later. Why? can’t I help you? What does Nico know that I don’t know? I think this is more of a men to men talk. Well try to tell me what’s going on, who knows, it might give you some relief.

Okay, I said, I am 18 years old and I would like to have sex with a girl and every time I ask a girl out they don’t want to have sex. Yeah, maybe a kiss and that is it. So, what did you want to ask Nico about this? Well, just if I am doing something wrong. Perhaps it’s my looks? Man, what are you whining about? You look perfect, those girls are crazy!! If I had the chance I would kiss you to death. Well that sounds pretty good to me, I would like that a lot. Hey, hello, I am your brother’s wife!!! Yes, but you mentioned it, not me. And if you would suggest it, I will gladly participate.

Would you really like to kiss your older sister-in-law? Yes, and not only that. I got up and walked over to her and took her hand and pulled her up from the chair. Now we stood in the middle of the room. No, said Carla, you wouldn’t do this and you wouldn’t dare to do it!! You shouldn’t have said that, Carla. I pulled her close and roughly pushed my tongue into her mouth. Instead of her pushing me away I felt her hands rubbing my hair and her tongue playing through my mouth too.

Suddenly I was shocked, I felt her hand touch my fly. Have you really never fucked before she asked? No really not, I said. Come upstairs and I’ll teach you everything. In the bedroom she pushed me onto the bed and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth again. Like savages we were French kissing and sometimes we almost forgot to breathe.

Suddenly she let go of me and opened my pants, took out my dick and took it in her mouth. She started to suck violently, I thought she would suck me to death. This could never be real. It was such a horny sight, that hard dick in her mouth. But I also saw her gold wedding ring and that kinda turned me on even more.

Then she turned so that her soaking wet cunt appeared above my face. She said lick on my clit. That hard button at the top. I took that button in my mouth and immediately she started to shake violently. My face got drifting wet. I put my tongue in deep, it tasted delicious. Suddenly she let go of my dick and she; and now I wanted to feel it. She turned and slid over my dick.

She started riding like she’d never felt a cock before, she put her tongue deep in my mouth and our tongues were in a wild fight until I shot my load deep into her. And again she made my dick hard, and again, and again. Now every Sunday that Nico is playing football, I’ll go there for “coffee” with Carla.