My sick girlfriend

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A few weeks ago I came home and it turned out that my girlfriend was sick. However, I had been downloading the most delicious sex videos all day at work and was therefore quite excited. I was disappointed that my girl was ill, because normally she is absolutely in for a great fuck.

In such a case, you can do two things. The first is jerking off, cumming and that’s about it. The second option is another woman / several other women. I was in such a horny mood that the first option was not a real option.

I let my girl know that I was really horny and that I wanted to fuck a bit. Normally she isn’t that easy, but she immediately told me to call someone else. Maybe it was more of a joke, but I took it seriously, went to the bedroom and picked up the phone. There are two girls I’ve had sex with before and we both hang out with.

These are Marielle and Laura. Marielle is a nice girl with dark brown hair and a firm ass and delicious big tits. Laura is the horny blonde with a lovely tight body and has slightly smaller tits than Marielle. Laura always wears super tight clothes, nice and provocative even a bit slutty. Marielle is a bit tidier, but her tits pram through her sweater!

Marielle said she was in for a nice fuck and said she would come immediately. I told her that I would also call Laura, luckily she thought this was a wonderfully horny idea. Laura was just as enthusiastic, but indicated that she was with a friend of ours, Elle. Without me daring to ask, she asked Elle if she was going too and that seemed wonderful to her. So this became a quartet!

I had never had sex with Elle before, but she is also beautiful and the fantasy of fucking her has crossed my mind often enough! When the bell rang, it turned out that all three ladies were down at the porch. I never dreamed that all three would be here at the same time. With a stiff cock I was waiting for them on the gallery.

First of all came Marielle. Her lovely breasts protruded straight out and she hugged me. She slid her hand down my pants, down my stiff cock. She made a soft moaning noise in my ear as she licked my earlobe. Then Laura came in her slutty clothes. Her labia were visible through her pants and her nipples protruded proudly through her sweater. I welcomed her with a lovely warm French kiss.

Elle saw all this happening and came to me a little uncomfortable. Of course we had never had sexual contact before. She gave me a lovely kiss with her full lips and dropped to her knees. Then she kissed my cock that just wanted to pop out of my pants! All three walked into the bedroom.

I quickly walked over to my girl, her face was a little less cheerful. She had seen who came in and was not too happy about it. The jealousy surfaced. At such a moment, you still choose sex. You are horny, you want to fuck (especially with three girls).

Elle, Laura and Marielle are already in their lingerie on the bed. They are caressing each other. Elle in the middle, clearly uncomfortable in the situation. Marielle and Laura had obviously slept with a woman before, their self-confidence bursts! They saw me come in and Marielle and Laura got up to help me undress. Slowly they took off my clothes and slid their lovely hands down my body and cock.

My hands meanwhile disappeared into the panties of both ladies, along their delicious asses on the way to their pussies! Just as I was about to touch Laura’s pussy she dropped to her knees and started licking my hard cock. She slowly slid her tongue along my head to my balls and then came back up with her tongue. I felt her warm breath on my cock.

She put my cock in her mouth and started sucking nicely. While this happened I loosened Marielle’s bra and started caressing her breasts. Despite having a lot of fun, I wanted to lie down on the bed. I looked towards the bed and saw Elle lying there fingering her lovely shaved pussy. I couldn’t hold back and walked away from Laura and Marielle and ended up between Elle’s legs.

Her delicious pussy was moist and warm. I couldn’t resist sticking my tongue in her pussy. Apparently no problem, because it was answered with a big groan. I was lying there between her legs eating her pussy when I felt two hands slide over my body. It felt pretty familiar, but assumed it was Laura or Marielle. Slowly the hands slid to my cock which doubled hard to the touch.

When I turned to see who it was it turned out to be my girlfriend. She was never up for sex with another girl, but now she was fingered by Laura and kissed by Marielle. Apparently she had enjoyed it and she wasn’t that sick after all.

In the meantime I was so horny that I wanted to fuck Elle. As I said, I had never fucked her and this seemed lovely, so I lay on top of her. Her pussy was so wet that I just slid in and felt that delicious pussy around my cock. I started to fuck faster and faster. When I got a little tired I thought it was time to be pampered.

So I let Elle out from under me and lay on my back. My girlfriend and Laura came together to lick my cock. I was enjoying the view when Marielle came to sweep her breasts through my face. Her hard nipples came past my lips every time. I sucked them. I can tell you, it is wonderful to lick her tits.

Slowly Marielle sits on me and lets my cock sink deep into her pussy. Elle and Laura lay next to me with their breasts close to my face. My girl was apparently a bit unaffected by the situation, she was a bit left out.

Slowly I moved a bit, with Marielle still on me and my cock in her! My girlfriend lay down next to me and Laura started licking her bald pussy. Marielle started to fuck harder and Elle fingered Laura while Laura licked my girl. While my girl started to fuck harder and harder she licked my earlobe. She moaned louder and louder and whispered that she was going to cum.

This was also the case for me, as with Marielle. Marielle was meanwhile so horny that she no longer realized what she was doing and was going really hard. Her breasts slid through my face which was a wonderful situation to cum in. Mmmmmmm, that’s what I did. Precisely at that moment I felt Marielle and my girlfriend tremble wonderfully from cumming.

To enjoy a bit more, Elle sucked on my dick, licked off all my sperm and Marielle’s pussy fluids. After this Laura and Elle went home again. They had early lectures the next day. Marielle slept, together with my girl and myself in bed.

The next morning I woke up to soft groans because my girl was being spoiled by Marielle. I had a wonderful time listening, after which we had a nice after-fuck.

After this time, we meet at least once a week. I could have never dreamed about this. Marielle has in the meantime told her boyfriend, who will also come next week, making the orgy even more complete.