My mother in law

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I am Ronald, 18 years old and since last spring I am dating Kelly a nice horny girl of also 18 years. But because we hadn’t been dating that long, we both had planned our own summer vacation. The night before Kelly would leave, I slept at her place. Kelly’s mother (Monique) thought it would be better especially because I wanted to go with them to take Kelly to the airport.

We went to bed at 10 pm because she had to be at the airport at 7am. But before we went to sleep we of course had a nice fuck. Kelly is like a superwoman, she never gets enough. But after an hour we fell asleep, both very satisfied. Later that night I was woke up from some groans and moans. I quietly got out of bed to investigate. Yes, thats right, in the next room my future parents-in-law Monique and Derek were fucking. I thought that was such a horny sight.

Monique is 38 years old but she really looks perfect, big firm tits, long dark blond hair, slim and a beautiful tight ass. I was looking through a crack in the door because they hadn’t closed it completely. Suddenly she turned her head to my side and we looked each other in the eye. We both shocked. I heard Derek say “what’s wrong?” Nothing said Monique, I’m just enjoying myself. I raced back to bed and couldn’t sleep all night. At 5am the alarm went off for all of us.

Monique and I were to take Kelly to the airport. But I was really dreading that now. At the breakfast table I did not dare to look at Monique and I behaved quite tense. Kelly noticed that and asked; are you already starting to miss me? “Yes, of course, I answered. But do not worry I will make sure that he does not cheat, said Monique. I turned completely white when she said those words and I don’t really know why.

After breakfast we got into the car. Monique said, “you both can sit in the back, now it is still possible for another hour. Then you will have to do without him.” We sat in the back seat and Kelly kept giving kisses and even a real French kiss every now and then. And when I looked up I saw that Monique was looking in the mirror. Then she smiled and pretended she didn’t notice.

At the airport we said goodbye after a long kiss and promised that we would not do anything crazy. That wouldn’t be difficult for me, there is only one person I love and that is Kelly. When Kelly got on the plane Monique and I walked back to the car and drove home in silence. I felt that a tension had arisen between us. I decided that this tension had to go. Because I wanted to spend the rest of my live with Kelly and what happened last night should not come between us.

Madam, may I talk to you for a moment, I said. Yes, of course she said, but you have to wait a moment because Derek always leaves without cleaning up his mess. After ten minutes she came back into the room and she said “So Ronald, you wanted to talk with me”, well madam, I started to stutter. I just wanted to apologize for last night. I heard you both and got out of bed and watched. That’s not decent. No, Monique said, “it is certainly not”. But I accept your apologies. Thank you, Madam.

But Ronald, didn’t it turn you on? I turned bright red and said, “But ma’am, of course it did. I didn’t sleep after that”. Why not? she asked. I constantly saw the picture of you in front of me. And did that make you horny? Ma’am, what are you saying now? Give me an answer. But of course it made me horny. But I think this conversation is unwise. I can see that, she said, something is growing in your pants.

She got up and sat next to me on the sofa. I got even more oppressive and I think my head almost popped. She put her hand on my knee and she said “you don’t have to be afraid of me, are you?” And her hand went up slowly and suddenly I felt her hand on my rock hard cock. She stroked it gently and squeezed it gently. Do you also think this is so wrong? Yes ma’am, this is very wrong. Do you want me to stop then? Yes, I said. But I couldn’t resist, without thinking, I dove on top of her, grabbed those big tits and our mouths were going crazy.

She sucked my tongue in deeply, what could that human kissing. We are going upstairs, said Monique, I want to fuck you. We stormed upstairs and dropped onto the bed where she had been fucking Derek a few hours earlier. We were kissing wildly and feeling fierce. What a beautiful tits, firm, big and full. My hand disappeared under her skirt, she was soaking wet. I felt her take my cock out and without any hesitation she took my cock into her mouth.

I really thought she was going to swallow it completely, she started sucking it hard. She turned around so that I could lick her pussy. She was really wet and when I took her clit between my teeth she screamed and began to shake violently, the moisture dripped from my face. She turned back and I lay on top of her and in a hard thrust I rammed my cock into her cunt. She screamed like a pig, put her arms around me and sucked my tongue deep, very deep into her mouth.

We were kissing and fucking wildly. Again she turned around. Wildly I started to fuck her again, hanging over and kneading her tits. Suddenly I pulled back and rammed my dick into her ass. Oh god! she screamed out loud, that hurts, nobody ever did that to me. But I kept ramming it in and out, while caressing her pussy. Now I heard her shout “God this is so good, you are a filthy rotten boy. I’ve never been fucked like that, fuck me, fuck me hard.” We had done all sorts of positions and we were together enjoying it. She came many times and I sprayed my load in her ass and pussy. Don’t worry, she said, this is our secret. But you have to think about your mother-in-law regularly.

When it was time to go she put her arms around me and again we were kissing intensely. And when she stroked my cock with her hand, it reacted immediately. She quickly opened my fly and sucked me dry. During Kelly’s her vacation, I went to visit her mother every afternoon. Just to drink some coffee with my mother-in-law…

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