My mother-in-law 2

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As you probably already have read, I (Ronald, 18 years old) fucked my mother-in-law during the vacation of my girlfriend Kelly (18 years).

I regularly visit her in the afternoon and then we just have sex and fuck. We have been doing this all summer and winter without anyone suspecting a thing. Sometimes Kelly tells others that she is so happy that I get along so well with her mother. Then I usually just walk away with a grin on my face.

On a Wednesday night, Kelly was at a meeting from work and it was going to be late. That is why she suggested that I should go to her house so that I could watch football with her dad (Derek), then I could also stay the night and she could talk about the meeting.

At 8p.m. I arrived at my parents-in-law, I walked to the door and it flew open. Monique opened the door and in the hallway she immediately started to kiss me violently. I pushed her away and whispered; have you gone mad? Derek will soon notice something. Surprise she said, Derek just called that he had to work overtime at a customer and that he has to stay in a hotel.

That was some unexpected good news. I pulled her directly against me and our tongues started a wild game, she sucked my tongue deeply. My hands found their way to her lovely big tits. I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra down. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked it hard. Mmmmmmm she groaned. Come, she said, let’s go to the room.

We sat down on the couch and dipped back into each other’s arms and our tongues continued their fight. Her hand rubbed my cock and it reacted spontaneously. It had become rock hard. I have to tell you the way that Monique can kiss, everyone will go crazy. She dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. She almost sucked it off.

I stroked her pussy and put a finger in it. Lie down on the floor, I said, then I will eat you nicely. Mmmmmm she said and lay on her back. We took position 69 and we both groaned, it was such a pleasure. Suddenly we were shocked. Hello we heard say. It was Monique’s girlfriend, (Carla) she lives a few blocks away. I think she is in her early 40s.

That’s because you don’t close the kitchen door and you play these kinds of games, Carla said. We jumped up and sat on the couch, looking sad. What are you looking at said Carla, you look like someone died. Don’t worry, they won’t hear anything from me. On one condition!! And that is? asked Monique excited. Well I want my share, I’ve always liked him, he’s such a hot find thing, but never thought he liked older women.

Do you mind, Monique asked me. No I said, the more souls, the more joy. She also sat next to me on the sofa and immediately offered me her mouth. We started to kiss very nice and that kiss lasted an hour in my opinion. Meanwhile Monique was sucking my dick and kneading Carla’s smaller tits. A firm handful, so to speak.

Does his dick taste good? Asked Carla. You will find out only one way, said Monique. Yes, said Carla, but he kisses so incredibly well. Carla got on her knees next to Monique. Carla and Monique looked at each other and without any hesitation they began to kiss. God damn, I almost went crazy when I saw that. How often have you been doing this? I asked. This is really our first time, said Monique, but you said that Carla could kiss so good, I just try it.

Carla took my dick in her mouth and sucked it hard. Monique sat down next to me again and put her tongue very deep in my mouth again. While we were kissing, I noticed that Carla had let go of my dick and Monique started to moan. I looked and was dumbfounded. Carla was eating Monique in full devotion. She was now on her knees between Monique’s legs. Monique screamed, you dirty bitch, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me.

I got up and sat behind Carla and rammed my dick hard into her soaking wet cunt. Ohhhhhh Ronald! Your dick is so big, she screamed, fuck me hard, come on fuck me, this is what I want. I want to feel your hard dick in my pussy. Monique leaned over to me and again we started kissing while I fucked Carla.

Now I want to be fucked too, said Monique. I pulled my dick back and Monique lay on her back on the floor. I rammed my cock into her and started fucking her like crazy. Carla leaned over Monique and began to suck on her nipples. Monique screamed; this is so good, fuck me harder, suck harder on those nipples dirty slut. I’m going crazy, she yelled. But her screams were muffled because Carla began to kiss her deeply. They were really making out like crazy.

Carla got up now and sat on top of Monique’s face. Monique knew what was expected of her and she started sucking on Carla’s clit. Carla put her arms around me and now began to tongue fiercely with me again. All this became too much for me and I filled Monique’s cunt with a scream. And Monique shouted, “more, I want more, still a lot more”. And she too came shockingly. Carla also started to shake violently and climaxed while squirting over Monique’s face. We then took a nice shower and have decided that we will do this more often.