My hot niece

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The following story took place about five years ago when I was 20 and my niece, Emma 19. My aunt asked me if I wanted to look after her daughter, Sophia was 18 and did not dare to stay home alone for a whole week. To be honest, at first I didn’t feel like it, but when my aunt said that Emma was coming too, I immediately changed my mind. Emma was my other aunt’s daughter and would keep me company so I wouldn’t be alone with Emma all week.

Emma was a beautiful girl, she went to school with me and most of my friends were after her. I had seen her naked once and I had to tell my friends about it every time. It happened when Emma stayed with me and my parents, she slept in my room and went to bed a little earlier. When I went upstairs I thought she was already sleeping, so I walked upstairs very softly and opened the door even more softly to not wake her.

However, Emma had showered and was just getting changed to go to sleep, at first I wanted to close the door again, but since she did not respond I walked in. For Emma it was natural that I came into the room while she was getting changed, because she had two brothers and at home it was normal not to be ashamed of your body. I was her cousin and apparently she didn’t mind me being there. “Ooh, you are not in bed yet”, I said. “I took a shower, but I will go to sleep quickly because I am really tired”. “Oh ok then, I’m going to sleep too”.

I sat down on my bed and slowly started changing, Emma was standing in front of her bed next to mine. She had put her dress back on after showering and was now lowering it from her shoulders. There she was, with her perfect figure, she was still wearing her bra and panties, a very sweet set with flowers. In the meantime I had taken off my clothes and went to bed.

I thought that Emma would go to sleep, so I said goodnight. She still had to change but would switch off the lamp afterwards. I at least pretended trying to sleep. Emma was standing with her back to me, so I could have I good look at her. Emma took her panties down, I suddenly looked at the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. And because she had to bend over a bit I could also see a little bit of her pubic hair between her legs.

She grabbed her sleep boxer shorts and put them on, then she walked over to her bag to unpack a T-shirt and took off her bra. She took the t-shirt and turned around, then I looked straight at her breasts. They were very beautiful, a little bit pointed because they were not fully grown and they stood out a bit against the rest of her body which was a nicely tanned. She put on her T-shirt and also went to bed, she said goodnight but I pretended I was already asleep.

Saturday I would come to my aunt she was already gone when I would arrive, because I first had to play football. But Emma would already be there and my aunt would tell her what had to be done, Sophia was going to play with a girlfriend. When I arrived at five o’clock Emma opened the, door she gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked in front of me to the room. She looked lovely again, she was wearing a short red Scottish skirt with a black top with a white top on it, she had just tied the blouse under her breasts. She asked if I wanted a glass of tea. “Yes, please”, I replied.

Emma walked to the kitchen to make tea, less than two minutes later she called me to come, I walked over to her. “The tea is in that cupboard, can you reach it?”, she asked. “Well I don’t think so, but I can grab a chair”. “Oh okay, I’ll do that myself”. I also stayed in the kitchen and started a conversation with Emma about her plans for the week. While talking, she got up on the chair to get the tea. When she got up on the chair she dropped a bag of tea. I got down on my knees to get the bag that had been pushed under the table.

When I tried to get up again, I saw that Emma was stepping back from the counter to the chair, and that way I could see exactly under her skirt. She was now wearing white panties and I could see a bit of the shape of her lips. Emma got off the chair to the floor and turned around, I’m not sure she noticed I was peeking at her, but because the doorbell rang she didn’t have much time to think about it.

“It’s probably Sophia and Mia” she said, Mia was a friend of Sophia and would stay here tonight. Emma opened the door and greeted Sophia and Mia friendly with a kiss on the cheek. Sophia walked straight on to me and gave me a kiss too, and introduced Mia to me. “We rented a movie, it’s okay if we go and watch it after dinner”, Sophia asked. I suggested to cook first and said we’d make the room cozy so that the four of us could watch the movie together.

After dinner we walked into the room, Mia and Sophia lay down on the floor and Emma and I on the couch behind them. I did not find the film very interesting, but the view all the more. Mia and Sophia both had skirts on and I saw two pairs of young girls’ bottoms next to each other. Emma put her legs on mine and so the four of us watched the film.

Halfway through, Sophia asked if we would like to pause the film so that she and Mia could take a shower and put on their pajamas. Emma and I thought this was a good plan, and would probably prepare some more treats. After about fifteen minutes Sophia and Mia came back, both wearing a large T-shirt and lying down again. Now my view was even better. Sophia’s T-shirt was not that big and it barely covered her bottom. Mia’s was even smaller and I could see her panties. She was wearing nice light blue panties. Because she had spread her legs a little, I could see a small bump in between.

I was not watching the movie at all anymore and because I didn’t want Emma to feel my already quite big erection with her legs, I went upstairs to supposedly go to the bathroom. In the bathroom there were still some clothes from Sophia and Mia and I could not resist to take a look, when I saw a pink pair of underwear I could not resist picking it up. The bottom was pink and some animal was printed on the front, really cute girls bottom. I smelled it and put it back again. I walked down again, otherwise the girls would miss me.

I sat down on the couch again and Emma immediately put her legs back on my lap, Mia and Sophia were still attentively watching the film. Sophia’s T-shirt had also been moved up a bit and now I could also see her white underwear. There I was with two girls of just 19 years old in front of me, and next to me my niece of 18 who had her legs on me. Emma turned and asked if she could lie with her head on my lap, of course I had no objection to that and my view became even better. I put my hand on Emma’s stomach and watched Mia get on her knees to rewind the film a bit.

I had such a perfect view of her blue panties, Emma moved up a bit and my hand came to lie a little lower on her stomach. I felt my erection come back up and I think Emma must realize that too, she put her hand on mine, and slowly pushed it down a bit more. Whether she did this to bully me I don’t know but our hands got under her skirt, Emma took her hand away again but pretended it was the most normal thing that my hand was still there, she even moved a little upwards and because I didn’t take my hand away, my fingertips were on Emma’s pants.

Her white panties felt wonderfully soft, but I did not dare to move. Emma got up and said she had to go to the bathroom, she didn’t look at me and just walked away, I now no longer understand what was going on in her head. Sophia said she was also going. When they walked away, I quickly put my hand in my pants to move my erection a bit straighter, because it was now starting to hurt a bit.

I thought that Mia looked the other way, but that turned out not to be the case. “What are you doing”, she said. I reacted a little bit caught, but said as normally as possible that boys sometimes had to put things right because else it would start to hurt. “Is that because of us?”, she asked, “You got a little excited over us, why so?”. I reacted a bit surprised. “Well I did gave you a nice view, didn’t I”, when she said that she spread her legs a little and I was amazed to look straight between her legs. I also saw an image of an animal, so the other panties were hers too.

“Well, no”, I lied, “that just happens”. “Oh yeah, than this certainly won’t hurt you”, when she said that she pulled up her T-shirt and showed me her breasts, which were already quite big for a girl of 18. “Uhm, that’s something alright”, I stammered, Mia got up in the meantime and took my hand “Feel it if you want, then you will sleep well later”. I grabbed her breast and could not resist to put my other hand between her legs.

“What are we going to do?” asked Mia teasingly and took my hand and pushed it up so that it came on her panties. “You can feel there if you want”, she pushed her panties aside so that I had my hand on her pussy. She was a little wet, when I pushed my fingers between her lips she started to moan a bit, she felt really great. Because we heard Sophia and Emma come down again, I pulled my hands back and Mia quickly lay down in front of me again. Sophia and Emma came back into the room and now both lay on the floor.

There I was sitting on the couch looking at three lovely asses, Mia put her hand on her back and pulled her panties a little between her buttocks. I didn’t know what was happened to me, every now and then she looked at me and smiled. I pretended I didn’t find the film interesting and went upstairs, I couldn’t keep it anymore. When I arrived upstairs, I first walked to Sophia’s room and started to rummage in her closet. In the drawer of her underwear I found a beautiful white panties with small flowers on them, then I walked to Mia’s bag and took some panties from there as well.

I walked to the room where I would sleep, there was a queen sized bed, I changed and lay in bed. After jerking off with Mia and Sophia’s panties, I went to sleep. I was only asleep for a moment when I heard the door open, it was Emma. “Are you still awake”, Emma whispered. “Yes, what is it”, I asked. “well, I have to sleep here too otherwise I have to make Aunt Suzan’s bed”. I obviously had no problems with that and Emma started to change, even now she took off her skirt first, so I could look straight at her panties. “You like it here right?”. Again I felt caught and stammered something like yes and that I also didn’t know where else to look. “Just look, just looking can’t hurt”.

She turned away from me and took off her panties and put on her boxer shorts then she started unbuttoning her blouse, and then she did her black top off. She didn’t have a bra on. She put on a T-shirt and pulled up the sheet to crawl underneath it. “So you don’t wear much either” I had completely forgotten that I was lying naked in bed with Mia and Emma’s panties next to me. “And what do we have here?”, she took the panties from Sophia and looked at them. “That is probably not yours, or is it?”. I couldn’t say a word. “Do you like to look at those”, Emma asked, “shall I do you a favor?”.

Emma got up and stood next to the bed, she smiled at me and took off her sleeping boxer shorts. I looked right at her pussy, to my surprise it was completely shaved. She pretended it was all very normal and she put on Sophia’s panties. “It suits me, right?”. I said it looked great on her, she turned around for me and crawled back under the covers. Looking can’t hurt, she said and turned her back to me to go to sleep. “Good night cousin, sleep well”.

I had a pretty hard-on by now, but it was my niece so I managed to hold back and lay behind her and said goodnight. I tried to sleep but that didn’t really work with such an erection and having your horny niece lying in front of you. It seemed as if Emma understood everything, because she pushed her ass back a bit, but in the meantime she pretended to be asleep. I could no longer contain myself and put my arm on her hip, and I now pushed against her too so that my boner pressed against Emma’s bottom and Emma’s butt crack.

Emma still pretended to be asleep and I started to make love up and down between her bottom.In the meantime I grabbed the edge of her panties with my hand and pulled it down a little. “Hey! What are you doing”, Emma asked surprised. “Exactly what you are after”, I said “Watching and feeling a little is fun and exciting but this is going too far”, Emma objected. “Oh yeah? What about this?”, I turned so that I came to lie on top of Emma with my dick between her buttocks. “No don’t, we can’t do this”. I now realized that Emma did not want this but tried to persevere and started rubbing my dick up and down.

Emma said nothing, I gave her a kiss on the neck and slowly kissed her higher and higher while I kept rubbing my dick between her buttocks. Emma started to moan a bit “This is really good, but we can’t”, I did not respond and continued to kiss her on the neck. With my hand I meanwhile grabbed my dick and pushed it from the top of her bottom to her pussy. I felt that she was a bit wet, and in the meantime she still had Sophia’s panties on her knees. I rubbed my dick a few times against her pussy, which felt wonderful because it was completely bald.

In the meantime I sucked her earlobe and slid my penis back between her bottom. When the tip of my dick pushed against her asshole I lay still for a moment, “What are you doing?” Emma asked slightly panicked. “You are my niece I said, I can’t just take you”, “But what are you going to do?”. I pressed my dick a little more against her asshole “No not in there,that hurts!”. I knew I shouldn’t do this but couldn’t hold back and pushed so that my head disappeared into her ass. “Ouch!”, she called a little louder. I slowly pressed on and Emma tried to resist, but soon realized that it was of no use.

My dick was now completely gone up her ass. I press Emma harder against the mattress so that I can feel my dick slide in her ass. I lay on Emma for a while so she could relax a bit and kissed her on the neck again. After a while I noticed that Emma started to squeeze and relax her buttocks, which gave a wonderful feeling. She slowly pushed me back so that she was squatting in front of me, with my dick still in her ass. “I we are going to do this, we do it my way”, she said.

While I was on my knees behind her she started to slowly pull her ass forward so that my dick almost slipped out, but she pushed her bottom back so that my dick was completely in again. She did this a few times until I said I couldn’t hold it anymore. “Come on baby, spray your load inside me! Or do you want to spray it somewhere else?”. She moved away and my dick slid out of her ass, quickly she pulled Sophia’s panties up again, turned around and pulled me onto her. “Come on, I bet you still like this”, she teasingly said.

I felt her pussy twirl under Sophia’s soft panties and pushed my penis back and forth. I felt it move up and down between Emma’s lips and felt it getting wetter. “Ooohh! This is good, keep going!”, Emma shouted. I could no longer contain myself and sprayed all over her breasts, over her stomach and even up to her chin. “I didn’t know it could be this good, we will be having a lot of fun this week”.