My first time

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It was the first time for me that I came into contact with sex, when I was 18 years old. A friend of mine said “let’s go up the heath for a while”. Fine, the weather was nice and sunny and I had put on my summer mini dress. For him that must have been a super horny face, which I only now realize. He came to pick me up in his convertible, there was a basket in the back seat and a large blanket.

A surprise he said. I didn’t think twice and enjoyed the lovely breeze and the sun on my bare shoulders. He drove his car a little way up the heather, we got out and walked to a large tree, a nice sheltered spot where few people came.

From the basket came a cool bottle of wine and fruit. Just delicious, I was not allowed to drink at home. But now it was possible. Edwin, the guy I went with, started making sexual comments. All very exciting and to be honest it excited me a bit. Apparently he realized that, because he continued with his mental game.

He put his hand on my thigh and stroked it gently. Secretly he kept going a little higher. His goal, of course, was to get into my panties. I was so numb with the new sensation of the wine and horniness that I let him. To show that I found it all very exciting, I made a small show of it, I unbuttoned my dress so that there was a nipple to see. That encouraged Edwin to continue in his game. I saw how much he wanted my body. His penis was also growing considerably.

The wine made me feel a little light-headed. I lay down on the blanket and Edwin had access to my entire body. I closed my eyes and let everything come over me. I could feel him pulling off my panties, his hands moving across my body, his tongue making its way. There I lay naked, and was desired by a man of my dreams. He announced that he wanted to make love to me. I said to him “that will be the first time for me”. He promised me he would be careful.

Edwin lay on top of me and gently pressed his head against my wet pussy. It felt good and I encouraged him to continue. A strange pain shot through my pussy the moment he put his cock inside me. He went on quietly and gave me a long deep kiss. He fucked me and everyone around at the time could enjoy it. Thinking back to it like that, it should have been a really horny sight. Even though his cock was big, I loved every thrust he made.

The moment he cummed, I had yet to cum. He took his young gentleman out of my pussy and he started licking it. He licked my clit and my labia, fingered me and stroked my tits. Delicious. I started to pant and my body shook, there was a strange but nice feeling in my lower abdomen which spread to the rest of my body, just wonderful. I wanted to scream of joy, but kept my mouth shut and enjoyed it silently.

That was my very first orgasm. Love An